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九年级Unit invented课件Section invented Section 九年级Unit6 unit 6 when was it invented Section B
九年级人教新目标 Unit 9 When was it invented? Self check 重点单词复习 v1.project n. 项目,工程; v2. pleasure n. 高兴,愉快; v3. daily adj. 日常的,每日的; v4. mention v. 提到,说到; v5.nearly adv.几乎,差不多; v6.boil v. 煮沸,烧开; v7.remain v. 保持不变;剩余; v8.national adj.国家的,民族的; v9. low adj.低的,矮的; v10.translate v. 翻译; v11.lock v.锁上;n. 锁; v12.sudden adj. 突然的 v13. crispy adj. 脆的;酥脆的; v14. salty adj. 咸的; v15.sour adj. 酸的,有酸味的; v16.customer n. 顾客。 v17. Canadian 加拿大的, v18. divide v. 分开,分散; v19. hero n 英雄,男主角; v20. professional adj. 职业的,专业的; 重点短语复习 v1. shoes with special heels 特殊后跟的鞋子 v2. hot ice cream scoop热的冰其淋勺子 v3. run on electricity 电动的 v4. be used for 被用作 v5. the subject for my school project学校项目的课 题 v6. our daily lives 我们的日常生活 v7. have a point有点道理 v8. by accident偶然,意外地 v9. over the open fire在火堆上 v10. fall into the water 落入水中 v11. take place 发生 v12. without doubt毫无疑问 v13. at a low price 以一个很低的价格 v14. translate the book into different language v把书翻译成不同种的语言 v15. all of sudden 突然 v16. by mistake 错误地 v17. a much­loved and active sport v一个深受喜爱并且积极的运动 v18. divide…into 把…分开 v19. stop sb from doing sth v 阻止某人做某事 v20. look up to钦佩,仰慕 v21. the professional basketball v groups职业篮球机构­ v22. use someone else’s idea v借用其他人的想法 重点句型 v1. I think the TV was invented before the car. v我认为电视是在轿车之前发明的。 v2. ­­­When was the telephone invented? v ­­­ 电话是什么时候发明的? v ­­I think it was invented in 1876. v ­­­我认为电话是在1876年被发明的。 v3. ­­­What are they used for? v­­­他们可用来做什么? v ­­­They are used for changing the style of the shoes ­­­他们可用来改变鞋子的样式。 v4. ­­­When was the zipper invented? v­­­拉链是什么时候发明的? v ­­­­It was invented in 1893 . v­­它是在1893年被发明的。 v5. ­­­Who was it invented by? v­­­它是由谁发明的? v­­­It was invented by Whitcomb Judson. v ­­­它是被惠特科姆.贾德森发明的。 v6. ­­­When was tea brought to Korea? v­­­茶是什么时候被带到韩国的? v­­­It was brought to Korea during the 6th and 7th centuries. v­­­它是在六至七世纪被带到韩国的。 v7. ­­­What is the hot ice­cream scoop used for? ­这个热的冰其淋勺子是用来做什 么的? v ­­­It’s used for serving really cold ice­ cream v ­­­它是用来提供真正冷的冰其淋。 1. I don’t like eating chocolate. The taste is too _______. 2. Mom added salt but it still wasn’t _____ enough. 3. I prefer lemons to oranges. I like the _______ taste. 4. She likes ________ cookies. They are hard, dry and easily broken. crispy sweet salty sour crispy, sweet, salty, sour Fill in the blank with the correct word given. vDo you know the difference? be invented by be invented in be invented to Emphasize on person Emphasize on time or place Emphasize on the usage Can you make sentences with them? 1. Telephone ______________ Alexander Graham Bell, who is an Englishman. 2. various things have ______________ record the history of human being. 3. paper ____ first __________ ancient China, and it is one of the most important inventions in the world. be invented by/in/to was invented by invented in was been invented to Please translate these sentences into English. 1. 这样的话,我们明天就可以完成任务了。 __ ____ ____, we can _______________ our task tomorrow. 2. 茶是在很偶然的情况下发明出来的。 Tea was _________ __ _____________. 3. 我们爬山的时候不小心掉进一个山洞里了。 We _____ ______ a hole when we _____ ________ the mountain. 4. 自从发明了电之后,人类历史进入了新的篇章。 After electricity ____ ________, our history _____ _____ a new stage. In this way finish/ complete invented by mistake fell intowere climbing was invented got into clean up the Self check 1 Complete the passage with the correct forms of the words in the box. vIt is often difficult to decide on the inventor of certain inventions. This is because sometimes a few people may things which are the same. Opinions are then about who came up with the idea first. Some inventions can also all of a lead to other inventions. So some people whether the inventor came up with the idea himself or herself. producenearly divided sudden doubted vThey think that the inventor used someone else’s idea to create his or her invention. That is why books or websites usually more than one inventor when giving information about inventions. mentioned Self check 2 Rewrite these sentences using the passive voice. v1. Someone stole my watch. v2. They used five eggs to make this big cake. My watch was stolen by someone. Five eggs were used (by them) to make this big cake. v3. When did they invent the personal computer? v4. They asked us not to run in the hallway. v5. Someone took the video back to the store. When was the personal computer invented by them? We were asked (by them) not to run in the hallway. The video was taken back to the store (by someone). When were they invented? abacus in the 19th Century umbrella at the end of Spring and Autumn Period clean up the binoculars in 1600 camera in 1839 bicycle in 1839 car in 1885 motorcycle in 1885 toothbrush in 1780 washing machine in 1858 根据汉语及首字母写出单词。 1. When I began to sing,he laughed and made me very e___________(尴尬的). 2. After a long trip to Europe,1 felt very e________(精疲力竭的). 3. a_______:to make known publicly 4. d_______:to give an account of in speech or writing embarrassed exhausted announce describe 5. a_________:one that is invested with this power,especially a government or government officials. 6. Last night a friend of mine invited me to a c_______ party (化装舞会). authority costume Self check 3 Find out information about one invention and write sentences below. vInvention: When: vWho: vPurpose: Homework Choose one of the inventions which you think is the most important, and then write a paragraph about it.



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