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invented SectionB2a-2e 2014九年级Unit 课件Section Unit6Whenwas it Unit6Whenwas Section
九年级人教新目标 Unit 9 Reading Do You Know When Basketball Was Invented? Period 7 Section B 2a-2e The 1st period vWarm up; vShow pictures to learn new words; vThe test of new words; vRead the text quickly and finish 2a and 2b. vDo you often do sports? vWhat sports do you usually do? vCan you list eight sports played in China? Warm up Do you know them? football National Men Football Team of China basketball table tennis\ Ping-pong 学.科.网 badminton billiard Tennis \ Tennis ball gymnastics swimming skidding of wheel vLet’s learn some new words together. Canadian /kəneidiən/ a. /n.加拿大/人的 vCanada lies in the north of America. vCanadian people are very friendly. divide /divaid/ v. 分开;分散 vPlease divide these apples into two parts. purpose /pə:(r)pəs/ n. 目的;目标 vYour study purpose is to go to the university. vEvery one of us needs purpose trees in our life. the Olympics /əulimpiks/ 奥林匹克运动会 vPlayers’ highest purpose is to enter the Olympics. hero /hiərəu/ n. 英雄;男主角 vHero by Zhang Yimou is a successful film. Berlin /bə:lin/ 柏林 vBerlin is the capital of vGerman. NBA (National Basketball Association) 美国篮球协会 (美国职业篮球联赛) vNBA is short of National Basketball Association in the United States. CBA (China Basketball Association) 中国篮球协会(中国职业篮球联赛) vCBA is short of China Basketball Association. look up to 钦佩;仰慕 vWe all look up to Deng Xiaoping. He was so open , brave and create. basket /ba:skit/ n. 篮;筐 vThese days baskets are more and more beautiful with different shapes. New words vCanadian /kəneidiən/ v a. /n.加拿大/人的 vdivide /divaid/ v. 分开;分散 vdivide . into 把⋯⋯分开 vpurpose /pə:(r)pəs/ n. 目的;目标 vbasket /ba:skit/ n. 篮;筐 vthe Olympics /əulimpiks/ v奥林匹克运动会 vlook up to 钦佩;仰慕 vhero /hiərəu/ n. 英雄;男主角 vBerlin /bə:lin/ 柏林(德国城市) vNBA (National Basketball Association) v美国篮球协会 (美国职业篮球联赛) CBA (China Basketball Association) v中国篮球协会(中国职业篮球联赛) 根据句意和提示完成句子。 v1. He is always taking an active (积极的) part in the activities of his class. v2. We were divided (划分) into eight groups by our teacher last week. v3. The little boy dreams of becoming a professional (职业的) football player. v4. Yue Fei was a national hero(英雄)in old Chinese history. v5. These apples were picked by hand and were packed with baskets (篮子). Do you know when basketball Do you know when basketball was invented?was invented? 3b3b Learning strategy: MIND­MAPPINGLearning strategy: MIND­MAPPING 学习策略学习策略: : 脑中构图脑中构图 使用脑中构图的方法记忆信息. 将你阅读到的信息构成一副彩 色的文字图案. 大脑回忆”图片” 比文字信息更容易. 阅读本篇文章时,试着在纸上画图画吧! 3a3a readingreading vocabularyvocabulary homehome 阅读本篇文章时,试着在纸上画图画吧! sportrank basketball football table tennis tennis badminton skidding of wheel swimming billiard 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 2a . Before reading 2b Skim the passage. Which paragraphs are about the popularity of basketball? Paragraph 1 it is played by more than 100 million people in over 200 countries. 1. Basketball is very popular in China. 2. Basketball was invented by an American doctor. 3. Basketball was at first invented to be played indoors during the long winters. 4. The first basketball game in history was played on November 21st, 1891. T T F F Listen and decide whether these sentences are true or false. Underline some phrases. va much­loved and active sport 一个深受喜爱并且积极的运动 vwas born in vbe at college va game that can be played in the winter vdivide…into把…分开 vThe purpose of the game vget a ball into the “basket” vwork together配合,合作 vat the same time同时 vstop sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 vthe popularity of basketball vdream of doing sth梦想做某事 vnot only….but also vThe number of vlook up to钦佩,仰慕 vwant to become like them vencourage people to vachieve their dreams vthe professional basketball groups职业篮球机构­ The 2nd period vLead in; vCareful reading; vFinish 2c . 2d and other tasks. vDo you like basketball? vHow much do you know about basketball? basketball court Equipment about basketball basketball metal hoop backboard net wooden floor Now read and number these events in order. Basketball is popular all over the world. The first basketball game in history was played. Foreign players in America’s NBA increased. Basketball was invented by James Naismith. Basketball became an Olympic event. 1 2 3 4 5 Careful reading 1. Who invented basketball? 2. Why were the Berlin Olympics important for basketball? 3.What is the aim of basketball? 4. Name a professional basketball organization in America. James Naismith. Because it became an Olympic event. For players to try to get a ball into the “basket”. NBA. Answer the following questions. 2c Complete the mind map with the information in the passage. What else can you add to the mind map? parks schoolsfactories popular +100 million people +200 countries history over 100 years basketball invented by James Naismith purpose for fun for exercise development basketball First game onYoung people Want to be became Olympics invent in in the year People watch And games December 21.1891 famous players or Berlin 1936 basketball heroes NBA CBA game played inside on a hard teams get into other team’s floor two the ball basket The 3rd period vReview the new words; vReview the phrases; vThe test of the phrases; vRead aloud the whole passage; vTalk about 2e; vLanguage points. 1 travel around 2 everywhere you go 3 much_loved and active sport 4 for fun and exerxcise 5 over100 million people 6 including China 7 during the long winters. 8 be asked to do sth 9 divide into 2 teams 10 The aim of basketball 11shoot from below the basket 12 Since then 13 the popularity of basketball 14dream of doing sth 15 it is believed that 环游中国 无论你去哪里 深受喜爱和活跃的运动 因为给人们带来了乐趣和锻炼。 超过一亿人 包括中国 在漫长的冬季 分成两组 被要求做某事 篮球运动的目的 从蓝下投篮 自从那时 篮球受欢迎成度 梦想做某事 人们认为 2d v1. Who invented basketball and why? v2. What is the purpose of the game? v3. When was the first basketball game played in history? A Canadian doctor named James Naismith . His teacher asked the class to think of a game that can be played in the winter. The purpose of the game is for players to get a ball into the “basket” . It is believed that on December 21, 1891, the first basketball game in history was played. It On December 21, 1891 James Naismith v4. Why were the Berlin Olympics important for basketball? v Basketball became an event at the Olympics. v5. What are the professional basketball groups in America and China? v6. What do young people think of the famous basketball players? vNBA CBA Many young people look up to them and want to become like them. 2e vIt’s good to be a famous basketball player vbecause you can be stronger than normal people. vbecause you can be famous in the world. vbecause you can earn a lot of money. vbecause you can travel around the world for free by playing basketball . vbecause you can make more friends from the world. vbecause you can have a good and exciting memorize when you are old. vmaybe you can attack a great deal of beautiful girls all over the world. v It’s difficult to be a famous basketball player vbecause it needs a lot of time to practice v maybe you can’t have much time to learn other knowledge. vMaybe you can’t go to the university. vMaybe you have many hurts in your body. vMaybe it’s dull to practice it every day. vMaybe you are crazy the basketball instead of girls. vYou may spend the whole money before you become famous . vYou seem to be no minds before you get famous. No . 1 复合形容词的构成: v1.数词+名词(单数) v 例: one­child独生子的 v2.数词+名词(单数)+形容词 v 例:three­year­old v3.数词+名词+ed v 例:two­faced两面的 v4.形容词+(普通) v 例:名词 full­time全日制的 v5.形容词+名词+ed v 例: kind­hearted好心的 v6.形容词(副词)+现在分词 v例:good­looking好看的 v well­meaning善意的 v7.形容词(副词)+过去分词 v例:well­dressed衣冠楚楚的 v newly­built新建的 v8.形容词(副词)+形容词 v例:red­hot炙热的 v hardly­conscious不自觉的 v see, watch, observe, notice, v look at, hear, listen to, smell, v taste, feel v+ do 表示动作的完整性,真实性; v+doing 表示动作的连续性,进行性。 v No.2 感官动词+do与+doing的区别: vI saw him work in the garden yesterday. v昨天我看见他在花园里干活了。 v(强调“我看见了“这个事实) v I saw him working in the garden yesterday. v昨天我见他正在花园里干活。 v(强调“我见他正干活“这个动作) No. 3. Dr. Naismith created a game to be played on a hard floor… (1)creat做及物动词,意为“创造, 创作, 引起, 产生” e.g. They created a new city in the desert. The new plan created quite a stir. Create 拓展 vcreate cre:增长,产生 + ate: v 动词后缀(表示做、造成、使之成…,做… 事等意义) vvt. 创造,造成 vcreationcreat:创造,创作 + ion: v名词后缀(构成抽象名词,表示行为、行为 的过程或结果、状态、情况,与­tion同 vn. 创造,创作 vcreativecreat:创造,创作 + ive: v形容词后缀(表示有…性质的、有…作 用的、有…倾向的、属于…的) va. 创造性的 vcreativity creat:创造,创作 + ivity: v名词后缀(复合后缀,由­iv(e)+­ity而 成,构成抽象名词,表示情况、状态 、“…性”、“…力” ) vn.创造力, 创造 vCreator creat:创造,创作 + or v名词后缀(表示男性,与­er同) v n.男创办者, 男创作者 vCreatress creat:创造,创作 + ress: v名词后缀(表示女性,与­ess同) v n.女创办者, 女创作者 vcreaturecreat:创造,创作 + ure: v名词后缀(构成抽象名词,表示行为、行为 的结果、状态、情况) v n. 生物,动物,人 No .4 Dr. Naismith divided the men in his class into two teams… (1) divide做及物动词,意为“分,划分,隔开”。 e.g. Please divide the class into groups. (2) divide还可做不及物动词,意为“分,除尽”。 e.g. The subject divides into three branches. Three will not divide into seven. No .5 need v一、need,做情态动词,表示“需要”或“必 须”,通常用于否定句,疑问句,条件句。例如 : 1.You needn't do it again.你不需要再 做了。 2.He needn't worry about it.这件事他 无需担心。 3.Need he do this homework first?他 需要先做这些作业吗? 4.Need they fill in the form?他们需要填 表吗? v2.由need引出的一般疑问句,肯定回 答常用must或have to;否定答语常用 needn't. v如: —Need I answer the question? v我需要回答那个问题吗? v—Yes, you must. /Yes, you have to. 是的,你必须回答。/是的,你得回答。 v/No, you needn't.不,不必了。 v3.由must引出的一般疑问句,肯定回答 用must, v否定答语用needn't或don't have to。如: —Must I do the work now? v我必须现在干这个活吗? —Yes, you must /have to. v是的,你必须做。 v/No, you needn't /don't have to. 不,你 现在不必做。 v二、作行为动词 need 作为行为动词有人称和数的变化, 后面可 接名词、代词、动名词及带to 的动词不定式; 可用于肯定句、疑问句和否定句中, v如:She needs help.她需要帮助。 vI don‘t need to see the doctor. v我不需要看病。 v—Do you need to go at once? v你需要马上走吗? v—Yes, I do.是的,我得马上去。 v—No, I don't.不,不用马上走。 v三、need n.需要, 必需, 必需品, 要求, 贫 困 vA friend in need is a friend indeed. v患难见真情。 vI am in need of a laptop. v我需要一台笔记本电脑。 vI am in a crying need for $1,000. v我急需1000块钱 vThere’s no need for you to try again. v你不必再尝试了。 vin (great) need of v(急需)与 vmeet the needs of v满足……的需要 No .6 Stop的用法 v一、stop: 名词,指迅速或突然中止某 行为、活动或状态。“中止,停止,休息 ” vI was at the bus stop last night. v昨晚,我在公共汽车站。 vThe car goes through without a stop. v汽车中途不停。 v二、动词“停止、阻止” vⅠ.stop doing sth.“停止做某事”表 停止正在做的事情。如: v ① They stopped talking to me. v 他们中断了与我交谈。 v ② Stop running about. v不要乱跑。 vⅡ.stop to do sth. “停下来去做某事” 即停止正在做的事,而去做另一件事 。不定式为stop的目的状语。如: v ③ They stopped to talk to me. v他们停下来和我交谈。 v ④ Let’s stop to have a rest v让我们停下来休息一会儿。 vⅢ.stop (sb/sth).from doing sth. “阻止某 人/物不要做某事”from可省略。 v=prevent sb. from doing sth; v=keep sb. from doing sth. 但keep~ 中的 from不能省略。如: v ⑤ We must stop him (from) doing such a foolish thing. v我们必须阻止他做这样的蠢事。 v ⑥ The Green Great Wall stopped the wind blowing the sand to the field of the south. v 区别 vstop doing/to do vstop to do 停止,中断做某事后去做 另一件事。 vstop doing 停止正在做的某事。 vThey stop to smoke a cigarette. v他们停下来,抽了根烟。 vI must stop smoking. v我必须戒烟了。 v典型例题 She reached the top of the hill and stopped ___ on a big rock by the side of the path. A. to have rested B. resting v C. to rest D. rest v答案:C。 v由题意可知,她到了山顶,停下来在一个 路边的大石头上休息。因此,应选择“stop to do sth. 停下来去做另一件事“。而不仅 仅是爬山动作的终止,所以stop doing sth.不正确 No .7 It is believed to. vIt is believed to. 人们认为 v讲解:本句型的结构是:it is + 过去分词 + 不定式,其中it是形式主语,不定式接的 才是真正的主语, v相当于People believe that.。 vIt is believed that what she said is true. v大家相信她的话是真的。 vIt is believed that she is not the right person for the position. v大家都认为她不是这一职位的合适的人选 。 类似的句型还有: v1) It is hoped that. v= It is hoped to有人希望 It is hoped that they can pass the written examination this time. v希望他们能够通过这次的笔试。 v2) It is said that.= It is said to据说 vIt is said that the president will pay a visit to China soon. v据说这位总统不久将来华访问。 v3) It is known that. v=It is known to众所周知 vIt is known that both English and French are spoken in Canada. v众所周知,加拿大既讲英语也讲法语。 v4) It is thought that. v= It is thought to据认为 vIt is thought that they will not win the match. 据认为,这场比赛他们赢不了。 v5) It is suggested that. v= It is suggested to有人建议 vIt is suggested that the meeting should be put off. v有人建议会议延期召开。 v6)It is sopposed that v=It is sopposed to v有人期望. vRaise是及物动词。 Rise 是不及物动词。 例如: 1。 If you want to ask a question, first raise your hand(如果你要问问题,请先举手)。 2。 At the banquet, we all raised our glasses and drank to each other's health(宴会上, 我们都举杯互 祝健康) 3。She rose from her seat to welcome him(她站起 来欢迎他) 4。 I have to rise early tomorrow morning(我明天必 须早起)。 No .8 Dream的用法 vdream n. 梦 vI have a dream 我有一个梦想。 vdream v. 做梦 vHe dreamt a sweet dream last night. v昨晚他做了好梦 vDream 不及物动词 vdream of / about + n./ doing. v梦想着做. He often dreams of becoming a scientist. v他经常梦想着成为科学家。 vdream + 从句: vHe often dreams that he will be a scientist in the future. No .9 a number of 与the number of v1.a number of 一些 修饰可数名词,就像some ,many, lots of, a lot of那样的。 v注意a number of修饰的可数名词要用复数形式 ,be动词也要用复数(即are,具体因时态而定) ! 可以变成a small/large/great number of a small number of=some a large number of=many e.g.A large number of students are ill these days because of the swine flu. 这些天我们班的许多学生都因为猪流感而病了 v2.the number of ……的数量 修饰了名词之后be动词要用单数,因为( 从中文意思方面理解)数量就是一个数字 ,所以必须要用单数(即is,具体因时态而 定)。 e.g.The number of the students in our class is 53. 我们班学生的人数(即数量)是53. 也就是说这两个词意思不同,a number of 是一些,the number of是……的数量,前 者be动词用复数,后者用单数。 Ⅰ. 根据开头字母,补全单词。 1. Do you know who the computer was i _______by? 2. The seat belt on a plane are a _______. 3. It was a big m______ to leave my umbrella at home. 4. A c______ is a hundred years. 5. Boys, stop t_______ stones to the poor dog. invented adjustable mistake century throwing Ⅱ.中考链接 ( )1. They’re making too much noise here. Let’s go ____. A. somewhere quiet B. nowhere quiet C. everywhere noisy D. anywhere noisy ( )2. —Didn’t he go home last Sunday? —______. A. Yes, he did B. No, he did C. Yes, he didn’t D. No, he doesn’t ( )3. ______ on real ice is very exciting. A. Skate B. Skates C. Skated D. Skating A A D ( )4. We have ______ our sports meeting till next Monday because of the bad weather. A. put on B. put off C. put down D. put up ( )5. ______ the students in the primary school is about three thousand, and ______ of them are girls. A. A number of, two third B. The number of, two thirds C. A number of, two thirds D. The number of, two third B B Homework 1. Choose an invention and do research on it. Write a paragraph about the story of it. 2. Discuss the good things and difficult things about being a basketball player.






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