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1000 句 实用英语口语1000句 1000句英语口语 英语口语1000句 实用英语口语 实用英语1000句
实用英语口语1000句(9)英语辅导:www.dd-xx.com801. My cousin has just been promoted to the rank of major.我表弟刚刚被提为少校。802. If I have enough money, I'm going to take a trip abroad.如我有足够的钱,我准备出国旅行一次。803. In spite of the heavy rain, she went to the shop.尽管下着大雨,她还是去了商店。804. I thought it was a reasonable proposal, but he didn't agree.我觉得这是个合理的建议,但他不同意。805. I am so full that I would burst with another bite.我吃得太饱了,再吃一口就要把肚子撑破了。806. Which would you rather do, go dancing or go to cinema?你愿意去跳舞,还是去看电影?807. I have to drop by the bank to get some money.我得去银行取些钱。808. I used to set my alarm clock for exactly 7 a.m.我习惯把闹钟定在早上7点整。809. I'll finish working at 5:30 and get home by 6 o'clock.我将在五点三十分下班,六点钟到家。810. A group of us went out to the theater last night.昨晚我们一帮人去看剧了。811. What have you been doing since I saw you last time?自上次见面后,你一直在忙什么?812. What I do on my own time is nobody else's business.我自己做自己的事,又不浪费别人的时间,所以与他人又有何干。813. That was the third time that I had visited the place.那是我第三次参观那地方了。814. Although my uncle is old, he looks very strong and healthy.虽然我叔叔老了,但他看上去还是很健壮。815. Excuse me, madam. Could you tell me where the post office is?女士,打扰一下,请问邮局怎么走?816. Can you tell me the phone number of the inquiry office?您能告诉我问讯处的电话号码是多少吗?817. This knife is dirty. Would you bring me a clean one, please?这把刀脏了。请给我一把干净的,好吗?818. There's going to be a pottery exhibition at the art gallery.美术馆将举办一个陶艺展览。819. He tries to button his own shirt, but he can't do it.他试着自己扣衬衫的扣子,但总扣不上。820. Tom and Mary congratulated us on the birth of our daughter.汤姆和玛丽祝我们喜得爱女。821. I find classical concerts more to my liking than rock concerts.我发现古典音乐会比摇滚音乐更合我意。822. As a matter of fact, he was pretending to be ill.实际上,他是在装病。823. Yes, but you look as pretty now, as you did then.是的,不过你现在和以前一样漂亮。824. On being introduced to somebody, a British person often shakes hands.英国人在被介绍给别人的时候通常会和对方握握手。825. Please excuse me for a little while. I want to do something.抱歉,失陪一下,我有点事。826. He already has a phonograph, but he doesn't have a radio yet.他已经有一台留声机了,但他还没有收音机。827. I'll probably see you tomorrow, but in any event I'll phone.明天我可能来看你,万一我来不了,我会打电话的。828. I'll be waiting for you at the restaurant this time tomorrow.明天这个时候我在餐馆等你。829. No wonder people say that computers are taking over the world.难怪有人说电脑正渐渐掌管世界。830. Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Mr. Hu's restaurant?打扰一下,你能告诉我去胡先生的餐厅怎么走吗?831. I used to have lunch every day at the same time.我惯于每天都在相同的时间吃午餐。832. It is said he has secret love affairs with two women.据说他背地里和两个女人有关系!833. It took him a long time to make up his mind.他经过长时间的考虑才下定了决心。834. My parents are retired and now live a life of ease.我的父母都退休了,现在过着安闲舒适的生活。835. Along the northern coast of this continent, there are many crags.沿该大陆的北海岸线上有许多峭壁。836. When I arrived at the station, the train had already left.当我到达火车站时,那趟火车已开走了。837. What were you doing when I called you on the telephone?我打电话给你时,你在做什么呢?838. The hardest thing to learn is to be a good loser.最难学的事莫过于学会输得起。839. Could you tell me your secret for a long, happy life?你能告诉我你幸福长寿的秘诀吗?840. What I want to do is different from those of others.我想做的和别人想做的不一样。841. If you take my advice, you won't tell anyone about this.你要是听我劝告的话,别把这事透露给任何人。842. Walking up and down the stairs would beat any exercise machine.爬楼梯可比什么健身器械都要好。843. We have a few kitchen things and a dining room set.我们有一些厨房用具和一套餐厅桌椅等等。844. If I were you, I would not be bothered by English.如果我是你,我就不会为英语烦恼了。845. We've tried our best to effect reconciliation between the two parties.我们已尽最大努力促成双方和解。846. Have you read the article about the rescue of the hostage?你读过那篇关于营救人质的文章吗?847. If you don't work, you will fail to pass the exam.如果你不学习,你考试就考不及格。848. As far as policy is concerned , I have to say something.谈到政策,我得说几句。849. I'm usually just using the search engines to look up information.我通常只是用搜索引擎来找资料。850. Yes, and I hope we can have some snow this winter.是的,我希望今年冬天会下雪。851. How would you go to Beijing, by air or by train?你怎么去北京?坐飞机还是坐火车?852. He usually drops in at my place on his way home.他常常在回家的路上顺便来看看我。853. I heard the clock, but I didn't get up until 9.我听到闹钟了,但我捱到九点才起。854. The only feasting I do these days is in my dream.这几天我只有在做梦的时候吃到美餐了。(我好些天没吃过一顿好的了。)855. Would you be so kind as to lend me some money?你能借我一点儿钱吗?856. Parliament has passed an act forbidding the killing of rare animals.国会通过了一项法令, 禁止捕杀珍稀动物。857. I've forgotten what time he said he had dinner last night.我忘了他说他昨晚什么时候吃的晚饭了。858. He talks as if he were the head of the office.他说话的口气说得好像他是办公室主任似的。859. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.太阳在东方升起,在西边落下。860. Goodness, I do hope this isn't a loud gun. I hate noise.但愿这不是一把会发出巨响的枪,我讨厌噪音。861. I slipped on the stairs and fell down. I broke my leg.我在楼梯上滑倒摔了下来,摔断了腿。862. As I had plenty of money I was able to help her.我有钱,我会帮助她的。863. I used to wake up early and get up at 7 o'clock.我一般醒得早,七点钟就起床。864. Then I asked him if he knew anybody in New York.然后我问他在纽约是否认识什么人。865. You can stay as long as you pay the rent on time.只要你按时交房租,你就能住这儿。866. He appears to be your friend but I doubt if he is.他看上去像是你的朋友,但我怀疑他是否是真心的。867. I used to have dinner at 7:30 and go to bed early.我一般在七点半吃晚饭,然后早早上床睡觉。868. I'll go to pick up some odds and ends at the store.我要去商店买些零碎东西。869. It opens at 8 a.m on weekdays, but at 9 at weekends.平日上午8点开始营业,但周末9点开始营业。870. Not only did I know her, but I was her best friend.我不仅认识她,还是她最好的朋友。871. If it had been fine, we would have gone to the park.如果天气好的话,我们就去公园。872. The waiter seems to be in a hurry to take our order.服务员似乎急着要我们点菜。873. You can take the bus and get off at the second stop.你可以坐这趟公共汽车,在第二站下车。874. My brother and I used to go a lot of places together.我哥哥和我经常一起去很多地方。875. After I had finished my paper, I put it in the drawer.我写完论文后,就把它放抽屉里了。876. Do you think you'll be able to go to sleep right away?你觉得你能马上睡着吗?。877. I am in charge of the company when the manager is out.经理不在的时候,我来管理公司。878. I borrowed a notebook from Tom and I lent it to Marry.我从汤姆那儿借了一本笔记本,然后我又把它借给玛丽了。879. He came out of the library, a large book under his arm.他夹着本厚书从图书馆走了出来。880. If there's a chance you'll go, I'd like to go with you.如果你有机会去的话,我愿意和你一起去。881. It's cold and foggy in London at this time of the year.伦敦每年的这个时候又冷又多雾。882. At bedtime, I take off my clothes and put on my pajamas.我睡觉的时候会脱下衣服,换上睡衣。883. In my opinion, your new coat is not worth so much money.在我看来,你的新外套不值那么多钱。(买贵了)884. Excuse me, would you tell me where I can get some butter?打扰一下,请问在哪儿能买到黄油呢?885. It took us only a few minutes to get through the Customs.我们只花了几分钟就通过了海关检查。886. The late arrival of the ship had messed up all our plans.船到晚了,把我们的计划全打乱了。887. With all these mouths to feed, he didn't know what to do.有这么多人要供养,他不知道怎么办才好。888. All of those houses have been built in the last ten years.所有的房子都是在最近十年里建成的。889. It's supposed to start at 6:30 sharp, but I doubt it will.本应该在六点半整开始,但我怀疑是否真的会准点。890. On behalf of my company, I would like to welcome you here.我代表我们公司欢迎你来这里。891. Today it is common that women and girls make up in public.如今,妇女和女孩在公共场所化妆是很平常的。892. I imagine I'll do some work instead of going to the movies.我想我要干点活,就不去看电影了893. There was a big crowd and we had difficulty getting a taxi.很多,我们很难叫到一辆出租车。894. After you think it over, please let me know what you decide.等你想好了,请把你的决定告诉我。895.At this time of the year, farmers begin to plow their fields.每年这个时候,农民们开始犁地。896. I would never have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it.如果你不提起的话,我几乎想不起来了。897. I must admit, it's more difficult than I thought it would be.我必须承认,这比我想象的要困难得多。898. I am vacuuming the floor now and have several shirts to iron.我正在用真空吸尘器清理地板,还有好几件衬衫要熨。899. There is a broken small old gray stone bridge over the river.河上有一座破旧的灰色小石桥。900. After the play was over, we all wanted to get something to eat.0看完剧后,我们都想去吃点东西。来源网络,仅供参考~






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