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高考英语总复习- 第一部分 基础考点聚焦 Unit5 Meeting your ancestors课件 新人教版选修8

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高考英语总复习- 第一部分 基础考点聚焦 Unit5 Meeting your ancestors课件 新人教版选修8 高考 英语 复习 第一 部分 基础 考点 聚焦 ancestors 课件 新人 选修
话话 题题: 热热点话题话题 (Topical issues) 【词汇积词汇积 累】 1.suspect (v.) 怀怀疑 2.frustrated (adj.) 受挫的 3.depressed (adj.) 抑郁的, 沮丧丧的 4.merciful (adj.) 仁慈的 5.enthusiastic (adj.) 热热情的 6.concern (v.) 涉及;关心 7.selfless (adj.) 无私的 8.determination (n.) 决心 第一部分 选修8 Unit 5 9.encouragement (n.) 鼓励 10.control (v.) 控制 11.respect (v.) 尊敬 12.fall in love with 爱爱上 13.be concerned about 关心;挂念 14.get along with 与……相处处;进进展 15.make friends with sb. 和某人交朋友 16.help(sb.)out 帮助(某人)摆摆脱困境 第一部分 选修8 Unit 5 【试题试题 展示】 (2016·福州质检质检 )“Your family are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”是1984年诺贝诺贝 尔和平奖奖得主Desmond Tutu曾就个人与家人关系说过说过 的一句话话。请认请认 真品味这这句 话话, 然后按照要求用英语语写一篇短文。内容要求: 1.你对这对这 句话话的理解; 2.结结合具体事例说说明; 3.恰当的结结尾。 第一部分 选修8 Unit 5 【佳句背诵诵】 1.You’ve got a great personality and have a good sense of humor.你的个性很好, 又有幽默感。 2.It should be wise not to do anything that may hurt your mom’s feelings. 你应该应该 足够够明智, 不做伤伤害你母亲亲感情的事情。 3.I’ll back you up no matter what’s happening. 无论发论发 生什么事情, 我都会支持你。 第一部分 选修8 Unit 5 【佳作欣赏赏】 Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, once said, “Your family is God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” It tells us that without parents, we would get lost when we grow up; without us, parents would feel sad and lonely. 第一部分 选修8 Unit 5 I’m the apple of my parents’ eyes. As a pupil, I couldn’t remember English words, often failing exams.So bitter was the feeling of being defeated that I thought of giving up. To encourage me, my parents told me to fill a glass with rapid running water. Unexpectedly, I found however hard I tried, my glass was only half full. Only then did I realize that learning is a process in which I should be patient enough. With their help, English has become my strength now. No doubt both parents and children are important to each other. 第一部分 选修8 Unit 5 1.____________(n.) 可能的选择选择 (adj.) 供选择选择 的; 其他的 2.____________(adv.) 以……方式; 不知怎么地 3.____________(vt.) 逮捕; 吸引 (n.) 逮捕; 拘留 4.____________(vt.) 删删; 删删除 5.____________(vt.)& (vi.)打断……讲话讲话 ; 打岔; 暂时暂时 中断或中止→____________(n.)中断; 干扰扰 6.____________(vt.)假定; 设设想→____________(conj.) 假设设→____________(n.)假设设; 设设想 alternative somehow arrest delete interrupt interruption assumeassuming assumption 7.____________(vi.)& (vt.)加速; 促进进 →____________(n.)加速度 8.____________(vi.)&(vt.)(使)锋锋利, 尖锐锐; 清晰 →____________(adj.)锋锋利的, 尖锐锐的 →____________(n.)磨具, 削具 9.____________(adj.)凌乱的; 脏脏的→____________(n.) 凌乱, 脏脏 10.____________(vi.)& (vt.)鼓掌欢欢迎; 赞赏赞赏 →____________(n.)鼓掌 11.____________(adj.)有技巧的; 熟练练的 →____________(n.)技能, 技巧 accelerateacceleration sharpen sharpsharpener messymess applaud applause skilful skill 12.____________ (n.)挨饿饿;饿饿死→____________(vi.)挨 饿饿; 饿饿死 13.____________ (n.)分析 →(pl.)____________→____________(vt.)分析 14.____________(n.)意义义; 意思; 重要性; 重要意义义 →____________(adj.)重要的 15.____________(n.)分割; 划分; 分配; 分界线线 →____________(v.)分割, 划分; 分配 16.____________(n.)精确; 准确→____________(adj.)准 确的; 精确的→____________(adv.)准确地, 精确地 17.____________(vt.)确认认; 识别识别 ; 鉴别鉴别 →____________(n.)辩认辩认 ; 鉴鉴定 starvationstarve analysis analysesanalyse significance significant division divide accuracyaccurate accurately identify identification starved starvation 2.The boy needs a pencil ____________ to ____________ his pencil, because the ____________ he has isn’t ____________. (sharpen) 3.While working out the problem, you should pay more attention to the ____________. You must measure the length ____________ in order to get the ____________number. (accurate) 4.At the meeting, Tom ____________ Jane with a question, but Jane carried on totally ignoring his ____________. (interrupt) 5.It was first ____________ that he was the murderer, but later it turned out to be a false ____________. (assume) sharpener sharpen sharpener sharp accuracy accurately accurate interrupted interruption assumed assumption 1._______________不管;不顾顾 2. _______________至多;最多 3. _______________不准进进入 4. _______________受够够了;饱饱受;厌烦厌烦 5. _______________向前看;为为将来打算 6. _______________追溯到;始于 7. _______________集中 8. _______________切碎 9. _____________________轮轮流做某事 10.________________________________禁不住做某事 regardless of at most keep out fed up with look ahead date back (to.) concentrate on cut up take turns to do sth. can’t/couldn’t help doing at most date from/back to kept out must have entered his room as the old saying goes If only I had followed had just entered when the bell rang only to be told An have been excavating finding reasonable of where made as specially to be has been waiting 2.Traffic conditions in Beijing _____________________ (worse) for decades. At first people only complained about jams during rush hours, but today every hour is rush hour. 3.—Come on, Kitty. —Oh, good heavens! Both my legs are nearly to give out. I ___________________ (walk) for hours like a dog. 4.—I’m sure Zhang Jike will first get a gold medal in this table tennis competition. —I think so. He _______________ (prepare) for it for months. 5.Let the soldiers sleep for a while because they ____________ (rescue) the injured for twelve hours non­stop. have been worsening have been walking has been preparing have been rescuing to do sth. do sth. do sth. have no alternative but to face failure bravely have no choice but to face failure bravely can do nothing but face failure bravely were interrupted interruptions assume him to be right make the assumption that it is assumed that of great significance arrested our attention regardless of other people’s feelings dating from the 16th century had had worked are aware of the importance of English can you learn it well to find leaving



本文标题:高考英语总复习- 第一部分 基础考点聚焦 Unit5 Meeting your ancestors课件 新人教版选修8
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