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英语 上册 Unit6 课件
to examine some of the major trends in contemporary society to predict what life will be like in the future we can not be sure but we can hope Scan the text to find out in which paragraph you can find answers to the questions 1 How will people shop in the future 2 How will people travel in the future 3 What will schools be like in the future 4 What will the future be like in generals Para 3 Para 2 Para 5 Para 1 6 Explanation 1 One way to catch a glimpse of the future is to examine some of the major trends in contemporary society 了解未来概况的一种办法是察看当代 社会主要流行趋势 1 catch a glimpse of sb 意为 瞥 见 一见 如 I caught a glimpse of our new neighbor 我们的新邻居我只看过一眼 2 major意为 重大的 主要的 指在规模 数量 重要性方面超出同 类的其他事物 如 John has also played a major part in the improvement of the paper 约翰在改进这份报纸的工作中也起了 较大的作用 3 contemporary用作形容词 意为 同 时期的 当代的 用作名词 意为 同时期的人 同辈 报刊同业 如 contemporary literature 当代文学 Keats and Shelley were contemporaries 济慈和雪莱是同代人 1 未来的生活 2 对 讲做 有可能 3 对未来发展做 出一些预测 4 窥测 5 主要趋势 6 在当代社会 1 life in the future 2 It is possible for sb to do sth 2 make forecasts about future development 3 catch a glimpse of 4 major trends 5 in contemporary society Fast reading 1 What are the current trends of transportation Modern transportation is becoming cleaner faster and safer Transportation current trends cleaner faster safer new technology develop new fuels and engines an amazing 430km h To ensure safety an advanced computer system How is transportation becoming What do current trends indicate What are being done to make the transportation cleaner faster and safer Careful reading Compared with the past what is the most important thing in future transportation Why will the maglev train be popular in the future No pollution is the most important thing Environmentally friendly energy saving Amazing speed 430 km h Why will the maglev train be popular in the future Controlled by an advanced computer system Maglev train 1 Use some adjs to describe the maglev train fast safe friendly energy saving noiseless impollutable 2 which is considered most by the scientists speed safety or pollution A good example of how transportation is changing is the new maglev train which is environmentally friendly energy saving and travels at an amazing 430 km h 公共交通正在改善的一个很好例子就是磁 悬浮列车 它环保 节能而且以每小时430 公里的惊人速度行驶 1 宾语从句可能作动词的宾语或者介词 的宾语 如 It all depends on whether or not she s got the time 这完全取决于她是否有时间 2 介词at可以表示 以 速度 价钱 比率 如 They sold the beef at a high price 他们高价卖掉牛肉 3 本句涉及到三种构词法 maglev是magnetic和levitation缩写 而成 是缩略词 transportation transport environmentally environment friendly friend 和amazing amaze 是派生词 energy saving 是 n ing 构成的合 成形容词 3 To ensure safety the train is controlled by an advanced computer system 为了确保安全 火车是由先进的计算 机系统控制 ensure强调肯定 确信某事 意为 确保 保证 常用于ensure sth 或 ensure sb that 中 如 We can ensure that the work shall be done in the right way 我们可以保证把工作做好 1 当前的趋势 2 公共交通 3 新型的磁悬浮列车 4 环保 5 以430公里的惊人时速 6 保证安全 current trends public transportation the new maglev train environmentally friendly at an amazing 430km h ensure safety On line shopping 1 How will people do business in the future 2 What has shopping become for people 3 How will people pay for their purchases in the future 2 How will people mainly do business in the future whohowadvantages People don t go out People do go out to shop online shopping a pleasant mall instead of a crowded store makes it easier for companies to keep in touch with combines shopping with fun People use smart cards instead of cash to pay for their purchases Business 1 What have many companies and consumers begun doing 2 What is becoming more and more popular 3 How will people shop in the future shopping mall Smart cards Online shopping Shopping has become a form of entertainment smart card instead of cash shopping with fun shop eat see films dance 1 How will people do business in the future E commerce or business done on the Internet 2 What has shopping become for people A form of entertainment 3 How will people pay for their purchases in the future People will use smart cards which contain a tiny chip instead of cash Many companies and consumers have already begun reforming the way they do business the way 定语从句 the way 方法 方式 用作先行词 关系代词可用that in which或省去 eg This is the way that in which he did it 这就是他做事的方式 I don t like you speak to her A the way B the way in that C the way which D the way of which 1 通常 2 改变方式 3 网上购物的好处 4 保持联系 5 寻找 6 生活必需品 7 把 结合在一起 1 as usual 2 reform the way 3 advantages of online shopping 4 keep in touch with 5 search for 6 basic goods 7 combine with What makes it possible for people to enjoy a longer life 1 People will pay attention to 2 People are careful about 3 Advances in medical science allow us 4 New discoveries in and may lead to People Scientists new fuels and engines E commerce mall smart cards Healthy diet exercising regularly advances in medical science E schools distance education Cleaner faster and safer Convenient fun Enjoy a longer and healthier life remain active Can study at home lifelong learners ItemsAdvantagesDisadvantages Transportation Smart cards Online shopping E schools Post reading ItemsAdvantagesDisadvantages Transportation Clean fast safe Without pollution high cost expensive ItemsAdvantagesDisadvantages Trans portation 1 It becomes cleaner faster and safer 2 It s more convenient to travel 1 It is expensive to travel 2 It may be highly dangerous ItemsAdvantagesDisadvantages Smart cards 1 It is easier to carry and operate 2 It is convenient to do business 1 You need to remember many secret codes 2 Bank fraud happens easily 3 Viruses may destroy the card ItemsAdvantagesDisadvantages Online shopping 1 It s faster and easier to order products convenient 2 It can save time and labor 1 The products are expensive to buy 2 The quality is not always good 3 It s may not be safe 4 It s may not as much fun as going to a mall ItemsAdvantagesDisadvantages E schools 1 It s rich in learning materials 2 It s open and available any time 3 Don t need to build school 1 They require certain equipment 2 They lack touch with the educators no face to face interaction future transportation smart cards online shopping e schools advantages disadvantages clean fast safe without pollution high cost expensive convenient safe convenient saving time no ensurance of quality Interesting convenient saving time no face to face coach 1 Public transportation is already well developed in most areas of China 2 Scientists are developing new fuels and engines that are environmentally friendly 3 People can combine shopping with fun in the future 5 We will still prefer using cash instead of cards in the future 4 E commerce will not be so popular as it is not very safe 6 In the future distance education will play an important part Imagination is more important than knowledge Albert Einstein Instruction design an object In the year of 2100 the world will totally change with the development of new technologies Many new inventions will be made Imagine one day your are taking a time capsule and travel in the year of 2100 Describe one new invention you see What should we do to make sure we will have a bright future 1 A bright future can t come of itself So I think only by working hard can we succeed 2 We can t predict the future but we can be hopeful for the future Only those who have a strong will and devote a lot can make great achievements 3 As a 21th century student we should focus our attention on gaining knowledge as well as skills so as to be a qualified citizen for our country 4 If we learn to accept and appreciate what is new and different We will be well prepared for whatever the future may have in store 1 1 透过火车车窗 我瞥见一座高楼 透过火车车窗 我瞥见一座高楼 2 2 王先生用手机和他的老朋友保持联系 王先生用手机和他的老朋友保持联系 3 3 你应多注意你的发音 你应多注意你的发音 4 4 我有一些好消息要告诉你 我有一些好消息要告诉你 I I caught a glimpse ofcaught a glimpse of a high building from the a high building from the window of the train window of the train Mr Wang Mr Wang keeps in touch withkeeps in touch with his old friends his old friends by by cellphonecellphone You should You should pay more attention topay more attention to your your pronunciation pronunciation I have some good news I have some good news in storein store for you for you 1 很难预测未来生活是 什么样子 predict 2 我们正担心我们的梦 想是否会变成现实呢 come true 3 人们将用智能卡而不是 现金来支付所购物品 purchase 4 你知道e school是什么 意思吗 stand for What life will be in the future is difficult to predict We are worrying about whether our dreams will come true To pay for their purchases people will use smart cards instead of cash Do you know what e school stands for 5 年轻人总是对时装潮流感兴趣 trend Young people are always interested in the trends of fashion 6 再等一会儿你看好不好 vt it adj 7 我们可以保证把工作做好 ensure 8 谁知道我们将来会怎么样 in store 9 我早上在车站看见梅格了 catch a glimpse of 10 在这张地图上 城镇是用小红点标的 indicate Do you think it advisable to wait a little longer We can ensure that the work shall be done in the right way Who knows what the future will have in store for us I caught a glimpse of Mei at the station this morning In this map the towns are indicated by a red dot 1 Right we write to each other not but now and then A regularly B normally C absolutely D actually 2 Her answer no even after we begged her to reconsider our proposal A kept B left C remained D continued 3 I think my money is enough for my travel 400 in traveler s check and 100 in A notes B money C cash D credit 4 His attention which should be paid to is now being drawn to games A studying play B his study playing C his study play D study play 5 she couldn t understand was fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons A What because B That what C What why D Why that 6 Bob thought he couldn t go to the party because he had too much homework but he went A at all B after all C for all D above all 7 After years of efforts Chinese Olympic dream in the end A comes true B has been come true C has been turned into reality D had been turned into reality 8 I like to study the history of China very much A contemporary B now C nowadays D today 9 I ll a computer to send her as a gift A purchase B borrow C lend D hire Phrases make forecasts about sth one way to do sth catch a glimpse of the major trends in contemporary society current trends well developed urban areas a good example of environmentally friendly energy saving to ensure safety an advanced system as usual reform the way on the Internet online shopping keep in touch with a form of a crowded store basic goods a pleasant mall combine with smart cards pay attention to the importance of a healthy diet exercise regularly allow sb to do sth deal with sth with a better understanding of more importantly lead to be quite different from on TV distance education lifelong learners It s certain that come true at least be hopeful one s efforts to do be well prepared for in store



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