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高二英语上学期unit 9 reading 北师大版

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Unit 9 reading Reading comprehension Language points Introduction Introduce the Earth Summit to the readers Tell readers when and where it is first held and what it is about Body Give more detailed information about the problems discussed at the meeting Tell readers what we can do to protect our earth Conclusion Body 1 The big three contaminated drinking water poor sanitation and air pollution The WHO reports that the big three cause more than seven million deaths every year 15 of all the deaths in the world 2 Poverty war and violence The world should be equal and fair and richer countries have a responsibility towards poorer countries sustainable development is not possible without international cooperation Meetings like the Earth Summit help people understand that the issue are serious and that we must take action to save our planet 3 One visitor said that hearing the speakers made her realise that she could make a difference by changing her behaviour 4 The message is spreading and steps are being taken to educate people about the issues Body Answer the following questions 1 What are the big three The big three refers to contaminated drinking water poor sanitation and air pollution 2 Who knows of any others Deforestation desertification AIDS war etc 3 Why are conferences like the Earth Summit important Because they help people understand that there exist serious problems and that there s still time to take action They can tell us what we can do to help too 4 What issues are discussed at the Earth Summit Contaminated drinking water poor sanitation air pollution poverty wars and violence 5 Which do you think is the most important why The war is the most important because wars not only cost too much money destroy too many buildings make people homeless but also they make it difficult for the countries to develop further Thus life will be hard for people especially for the poor If people live in peace the development will continue and people s life will get better and better day by day Choose the best answers 1 According to the text air pollution alone causes about of all the deaths in the world every year A 6 5 B 15 C 20 D 35 2 Most of the deaths caused by air pollution happen in the countryside mainly because A the environment is badly being damaged B wood and coal are widely used in rural areas C a large part of forests has been cut down D it s a big problem in developing countries 3 The first paragraph mainly tells us A where the Earth Summit was held B when the Earth Summit is held C how people discuss the most important problems D what is the function of the Earth Summit 4 Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the passage A Different countries have different opinions about development B Equality and fairness are badly needed in today s world C The Earth Summit a way to save the earth D Sustainable development the future for the world 5 A better understanding of the environment is necessary as is the willingness to act The underlined word can be replaced by A which B so C and D but 6 The passage is mainly about A pollution B poverty C environment D economy 7 The Earth Summit A is a place to talk about global problems and to find solutions to them B is held every four years C helps people to understand better the world s economic problems D has only one issue for the representatives to discuss every time 8 The key to solving the major problems facing the earth is A to educate the people of the world B to improve the living conditions of the people C to treat people equally and fairly D to hold conferences like the Earth Summit frequently Language points 1 without结构在句子中作状语 表示 在 没发生 的情况下 如 They left the school in a hurry without saying goodbye to anyone 他们没有同任 何人辞别 就匆匆离开了学校 Liz closed the door without making a sound 利兹轻轻地把门关上了 没出一点声音 2 access 作为 接近 进入 通道 门路 时 后常跟介词to 见课本P165 Have access to get gain access to 3 alone作副词 用在名词或代词 后面 表示 只 只有 仅仅 如 He alone is not responsible for it 这件事中只有他一个人没有责任 Money alone cannot make you happy 光有钱不能使你幸福 alone还可以解释 单独地 独自地 如 He likes to go it alone in everything 他凡事都喜欢一个人干 He did it all alone 这事是他一个人干的 alone作形容词时 解释 单独的 唯一的 独一无二的 在句中只作表语 如 I m not alone in this opinion 不只是我一个人有这种想法 I m alone but not lonely 我独单一个人 但我并不孤独 I went there alone I alone went there 我独自去那里 只有我去那里 4 especially一般用于三种情况 1 对前面所叙述的事作进一步补充或说明 是有意突出到显眼的程度 强调 超过其它 与众不同 常译为 特别地 尤其 格外地 We did very well in this exam especially our monitor 我们这次考得很好 尤其是我们的班长 2 指整体中特定的某一部分 它后面的人 或事物必须包括在前面所说的人或事之内 These days the medical workers in the hospital are very busy especially the nurses 这些日子那家医院的医务人员很忙 尤其是护士更忙 3 用于正式文体 在介词或连词前用的较多 The boy often comes here especially when we have breakfast 这男孩常来这儿 特别是当我们吃早饭的时候 I come here specially to see you 专门 You are to be back by 10 o clock 你要在10点前回来 The prize is to honour him for his great discovery 奖品是为了表彰他的重大发现 A knife is to cut with 刀是用来切割的 They were never to meet again 他们注定以后永远再也见不着面了 5 be to do sth 这个结构常常表示安排 命令 职责 义务 目的 用途 可能 性 命中注定 假设等含义 如 We are to meet at the school gate 我们约好在校门口碰头 6 all too 用作副词 意为 太过于 The trip ended all too soon 那次旅 行结束得太快了 These scenes of violence are all too familiar 这些暴力场面简直是太熟悉了 7 there be结构中 根据需要be可换成stand appear seem remain exist come lie happen enter等 There once lived an old hunter in the house 这所房子里曾经住过一位老猎人 There seems to be some misunderstanding about the matter 在这个问题上似乎有误会 There came shouts for help from the river 从河边传来了求救声 There happened an event 发生了一件事 8 not until 的三个句型 Not until we know more will we be able to improve the situation We will not be able to improve the situation until we know more It is not until we know more that we will be able to improve the situation 9 There is a chance that the chance is that



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