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高二英语上学期unit 10

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1 The girl didn t evenlook up all her attention was on the pretty doll A Fixed B paid C given D drawn 2 It looks quite nice but whenyou kget close you can see that it s pretty awful A in the distance B from the distance C at a distance D within a distance 3 Are your socks knitted or machine made A at hand B by hand C in hand D to hand 4 The little girl was frightened the sight of the dogs A with B of C at D over 5 Although there weresomanypeopleinthe square I could my friend A Pick up B pick out C make up D set out 8 They ve sent a truck to the goods A call on B call back C call for D call up 10 seeing his mother he couldn t help crying A In B With C Upon D At 7 There A go you again B you go again C you again go D do you go again 9 I had intended to Mr Li s yesterday but I was so busy A call at B call on C call for D call up 6 He lay in bed listening to the songs on the radio A wake B waken C awake D woke Use the following words and expressions to write an article 1 冬天来了 要在清晨早起是需要勇气的 call for 2 今天早上 闹钟在6 30将我唤醒 我把近在手边的闹钟 关了并又睡着了 awake at hand 3 过了一会儿 妈妈敲门来催我上学 我才猛然看见那时 钟上的时间是7 00 于是便匆匆出了门 urge catch sight of 4 我又冷又饿地赶到了学校 刚一踏进大门 上课铃 就响了 谢天谢地 on upon doing Here alarm clock Careful reading Careful reading Task1 Task1 Scan the passage and find the Scan the passage and find the answer to the following answer to the following questions questions 1 Where did the ship meet the typhoon 2 What was the weather at first The Nansan met the typhoon on her way from south to Fuzhou Maybe it was on the west Pacific Ocean There s no freely moving air and it was stuffy and hot It was fine for there was no wind and the heat was close 3 Why did the capital say that it looked as if a typhoon was coming on 4 Where were they when the full force of the hurricane struck the ship Because he observed the barometer fell steadily and he knew that a terrible storm would come soon When the hurricane struck the ship with full force they were all on the bridge The bridge It was a higher position on the ship saw that the figure on the barometer became lower gradually bridge 5 What should they do in such terrible weather 6 What does the sentence Another one like this and that s the last of her mean They could only move the ship over the high sea and into the very eye of the wind It means that if another white tower of water struck the ship it would sink high sea 公海 大海 the eye of the wind the low pressure center of the whirlpool 风暴中心 7 Why did the capital strike a match What did he see para 7 Because there was no light and the capital wanted to see the barometer He saw the barometer stood very low It was the lowest reading he had ever seen in his life He knew that the worst was to come yet reading a figure shown by a measuring instrument It was the lowest figure shown on the barometer he had ever seen 1 be on board go come get on board on the board 在车 船 飞机上 上车 船 飞机 在委员会里 1 无论如何我要设法上去 2 她是某大公司董事会成员之一 I will manage to get on board somehow She is on the board of a large company 3 The Titanic sank slowly to the bottom of the ocean with 15000 passengers A on the board B on board C getting on board D across the board B Language points Language points 2 close adj lacking fresh or freely moving air eg She noticed that the air was very close The atmosphere in a steam heated building is often close Guess close 1 They used to be close friends 2 There were so many people in the streets that the firefighters couldn t get close to the burning building 冲击 碰撞 漫游 漂泊 撞倒 打倒 拆除 和 冲突 撞在 敲 门 窗等 撞倒某人身上 不期而遇 The car knocked the old man The running boy knocked me I can t knock until 4 30 Tell him to knock me When I received my money I found that 500 had been knocked for expenses Knock the door before entering please 下班 扣掉 减价 打掉某物 打翻 敲门叫醒 down into off up off at on 3 knock about knock down knock against knock at on knock into sb knock off knock over knock up 4 all of a sudden suddenly unexpectedly eg 1 All of a sudden the tyre burst 2 他转过身来但是忽然跌倒了 He turned around but fell down all of a sudden 5 do for sb sth 破坏 使 失败 eg 1 The spelling mistake in the exam did for him 2 若资金不能在十五天内到位 工厂就完了 The factory will be done for it if capital can t arrive in fifteen days do for 设法弄到 常用于how what 开头的疑问句中 eg How did you do for food when you were in the desert 6 live through The patient will not live through the night go through She has gone through a lot since her beloved husband was killed see sb through I planned to tell her a lie but my mother saw it through so easily look through Before the meeting I looked through the reports pass through The river passes through our land 活过 度过 而不死 经历 经历艰辛 审阅 看穿 识破 维持 翻阅 浏览 通过 穿过 Get through 完成 通过 接通电话 I am sure you will get through the exam 7 as though as if 后可接从句 adj Doing done to do prep eg 1 I remember the whole thing as if it happened yesterday 2 She felt as if the girl were a member of her own family 3 牛奶闻起来似乎酸了 The milk smells as if it is sour 他张开嘴巴 好象要说话似的 她急匆匆地立刻房间 好象很生气的样子 他盯着那位姑娘看好象第一次看到她似的 He staredat the girlas though seeing her for the first time She left the room hurriedly as if angry He opened his mouth as if to speak 8 all at once suddenly and unexpectedly at the same time eg All at once she lost her temper A number of things happened all at once 9 swear v promise or declare formally eg 证人宣誓保证一定讲实话 The witness swore to tell the truth What do you think of the end Will the ship live though this Task 2 Use your imagination and Task 2 Use your imagination and discuss the end of the story in discuss the end of the story in groups of four groups of four 1 How can we reduce the damage of a typhoon Suggested answers 1 Build strong houses 2 Forecast correctly 3 Give efficient first aid 4 Cut up the branches of the trees 5 Bury the lines under the ground 2 How can we protect ourselves in a typhoon good effects 1 bring in enough water to release drought 2 bring in heavy wind which can be used to make electricity 3 3 What do you think of the typhoon Besides its bad effects can you think of some good effects 台风所蕴涵的巨大能量可以从它所带来的降水 来说明 据研究 平均一个台风1天可在半径为 665公里的范围内降水15毫米 即2 1 1016立方厘 米 这么多的降水所释放的潜热有5 2 1019焦耳 天 6 0 1014瓦特 相当于全球发电总量的200 倍 台风所蕴涵的巨大能量还可以从它的大风所带来 的风能 动能 来说明 假定一个成熟的台风在 半径为60公里的范围内风速平均为40米 秒 维持 这样的大风所需的能量约1 5 1012 瓦特 相当于 全球发电总量的一半 也是十分惊人的 From http www typhoon From http www typhoon



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