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高二英语上学期Unit3 语言点课件

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Unit 3 A healthy life lIt s amazing that at my age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometers in an afternoon l amazing l fit l cycle travel by bike It s my birthday in two weeks l in two weeks two weeks away lThe sports meeting is two weeks away I think my long and active life must be due to the healthy life l due to because of thanks to owing to l我的 成功是由于你的帮助 lMy success is due to your help l她的病是坏了的食物造成的 lHer illness was due to bad food ldue l1应给的 应支付的 常与to连用 lA great deal of money is due to you l应该付给你很多钱 l教师应受尊敬 lRespect is due to teachers l2 应付的 到期的 l The electricity bill is due today l今天该交电费了 l3 车 船等 预定应到的 lWhen is the train due at Shanghai l火车该什么时候到上海 l4约定的 预期的 due to do due for l他预计下周去澳大利亚 lHe is due to leave for Australia next week l周杰伦的新专集预定在本月下旬发行 lJay Chou new album is due for release later this month l你们的作文下周五必须交 lYour composition is next Friday due to be handed in lThis brings me to the real reason for my letter lThis brings me to the real reason why I wrote the letter Your mother tells me that you have started smoking and that you are finding it difficult to give up l find think consider make feel it adj to do l我们发现很难按时到那里 lWe find it difficult to arrive there on time l我认为到英国去旅行没必要带汉英字典 lI don t think it necessary to bring a Chinese English dictionary when traveling to Britain l手势使得听众更容易理解他的演讲 lGesture makes it easy for audience to understand his speech lI know how easy it is to begin smoking and how hard it is to stop l How adj it is to do sth l直到你失去健康的时候 你才知道保持健康 有多么重要 lYou won t know how important it is to keep healthy until you lose health lYou can become physically addicted to nicotine l be become addicted to n 迷恋 上瘾 l 许多学生对电脑游戏上瘾 lMany students are addicted to computer games l他是一个酗酒的人 lHe is a man addicted to alcohol l addict oneself to sth 沉溺于 醉心于 lHe addicted himself to playing the violin and didn t find a thief walk into his house l addict 上了瘾的人 film addict电影迷 lThis means that after a while your body becomes accustomed to having nicotine in it l我习惯了这么早起床进行晨练 lI m accustomed to getting up so early to do morning exercise l习惯了登险峻的山 他毫不费力地登上了山顶 l climbing the steep mountain he had no difficulty reaching the top Accustomed to llook forward to get down to devote to l pay attention to lead to lWhen the drug leaves your body you feel sick bad tempered and or even in pain l temper 脾气 lbe in a good bad temper lHe s in a bad temper today l他今天在闹情绪 lcontrol keep one s temper l捺住性子 忍着气 llose one s temper l发火 生气 l bad tempered lwarm hearted middle aged l black tailed grey haired l absent minded lYou can also become addicted through habit l through 由于 l这起交通事故是由于司机的粗心而造成的 lThe accident happened through the driver s carelessness lAs you know if you do the same thing over and over again you begin to do it automatically l as 引导的定语从句 l1 当先行词被such 修饰时 l Don t read such books as you don t understand l 2当先行词 被the same 修饰的时候 l This is the same machine as I operated when I was working in the factory lThis is the same machine that I operated when I was working in the factory l3 as指代前面或后面所提到的句子 通常as后面 跟 know expect show report believe announce be known be expected l正如我们所预料的那样 这场演出失败了 lAs we expected the performance was a failure l1 has been announced we shall have our final exams next month lA That B As C It D What l2 John said he d been working in the office for an hour was true lA he B this C which D who lBut I did finally manage lBut I finally managed to give up smoking l Can I help you carry the case thanks I can manage it myself lHe managed the company well lIt was more difficult for smoking couples to become pregnant than non smoking couples lI also noticed that I couldn t run as fast as any more l not any more lAfter ten years hard work she is not beautiful any more l He is no more a teacher lWhen I was taken off the school football team because I was too slow I knew it was time to quit smoking l脱掉 l起飞 l撤消 服务 lThe flight to Tibet will be taken off next week lI do hope so because I want you to live as long and healthy a life as I have l 1 as adj a n as lShe is as famous a poet as her sister l2 so adj a n that lHe is so kind a man that l 3 How adj a n lHow beautiful a picture it is l4 too adj a n to lIt is too heavy a box to carry lDecide on a day to quit l decide on doing decide to do l最终他决定到海边度假 lIn the end he decide to spend the holidays by the sea lIn the end he decide on spending the holidays by the sea lLet s put our heads together and a plan of action A decide to B decide in C decide on D decide at lMake a list of all the benefits you will get from stopping smoking l benefit l名词 利益 好处 l be of benefit to sb sth l停止吸烟对你的身体有好处 l Stopping smoking is of benefit to your health l这部字典将对我有很大裨益 lThis dictionary will be of great benefit to me lfor the benefit of 为了 的利益 l为了公众的利益 请不要随地扔垃圾 lFor the benefit of the public do not litter l及物动词 有益于 有助于 l运动有益于我们的健康 lExercise benefits our health l不及物动词 常与from连用 获益 得益于 l植物得益于这场雨 lThe plants benefited from the rain l我们得益于他的教诲 lWe benefit from his teaching lEvery time you feel like smoking a cigarette remind yourself that you are a non smoker l every time each time the first time next time the last time 我第一次见到她的时候 她正在地里摘棉花 The first time I saw her she was picking cotton in the field 每次我遇到麻烦的时候 他总是帮我解决 Every time I was in trouble he would help me out lIf you start to feel nervous or stressed don t reach for a cigarette l stress l 1 under the stress pressure lUnemployment and his wife s health put him under a great stress l失业及妻子的健康问题使他处于巨大的压力中 l2 lay place put stress on l这学期 英语老师把重点放在作文和阅读上 lThis term English teacher lays stress to composition and reading l stressed adj l stressful adj lYou will succeed eventually lShe hopes to get a job at local newspaper work for The Times A eventually B and eventually lIf you weaken and have a cigarette don t be ashamed l be ashamed of lYesterday I behaved badly and I am myself for my action now ashamed of Language points 1 Why do you think some adolescents start smoking adolescent Teenager 拓展知识 Baby infant Child English kids American toddler youth 婴儿 年幼的孩子 会走路的小孩 13到19岁的人 男性青年 I think my long and active life must be due to the healthy life I live due to Her worldwide fame is due to his support The accident is due to your careless driving The game was put off due to the rain 表示因果关系的单词和短语 because从属连词 因为 表示所叙述的理 由是本局的重点 as since从属连词 因为 表示理由是已知 的 而理由以外才是叙述的重点 for并列连词 不用于句首 置于第一分 句之后 补充理由 第一分句表示推测时 用 for说明推测的依据 because of 介词 因为 较口语化 owing to 介词 因为 较正式 thanks to 介词 因为 多亏了 as a result of 介词 因为 as a result 副词 因此 therefore副词 因此 so并列连词 因此 with the result that 接从句 因此 I became addicted to cigarettes addicted adj 嗜好 的 上了 瘾的 The children are addicted to computer games 喻 孩子们对计算机游戏上了瘾 addictive上瘾的 addition n 加 加起来 in addition adv 另外 addiction n 沉溺 上瘾 addict n This means that after a while your becomes accustomed to having nicotine in it Accustom v vt 使习惯于 They had to accustom themselves to the hot weather 他们不得不使自己习惯于炎热的天气 be get become accustomed to 习惯于 You will soon get accustomed to the job accustom n oneself to使自己习惯于 Children are quick to accustom themselves to new surroundings I knew it was time to quit smoking quit quitted 或 quit quitting 停止 He has not quit smoking but is holding down to three cigarettes a day 他并没有戒烟 但是已减到每天只抽三支烟了 只能用动词的 ing形式做宾语的动词有 Admit advise allow appreciate avoid celebrate complete consider deny forbid fancy想象 finish keep mention mind miss pardon permit prevent delay discuss dislike enjoy escape excuse explain imagine postpone推迟 practise quit recall 记起 recommend推荐 recollect记起 resist 抵抗 risk冒险 suggest tolerate忍受 understand In spite of her wounded leg she managed to get up the stairs In spite of尽管 I went out in spite of the rain 尽管下雨我还是出去了 In spite of great efforts we failed to carry our plans through 尽管我们作出了巨大努力 我们还是没能完成 计划 Still others just get into the habit of smoking get into the habit of fall into the habit of form a habit of 养成 染上 某习惯 get abroad 消息等 传播 开 get across使通过 get away from 使 摆脱 使 离开 无视 对 置 之不理 get into trouble Are you at risk at risk in danger 有危险 at the risk of at risk to 冒 之险 不顾 之 风险 at one s own the owner s the buyer s risk 损失 风险等 由自已 物主 买主 负责 run take a risk s 冒险



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