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高二英语上学期unit10 grammar

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Unit 10 Ellipsis GrammarGrammar He is our friend than our teacher A less B more C much D worse 16 more A than B 与其说 不如说 他有勇无谋 He is more brave than wise less than 也意为 与其说 不如说 但意思 不同 Words competition Example ghist rptue vlconao sha amlfe mmdiaeiteyl rriavla geur leef plloiw sight erupt volcano ash flame immediately arrival urge flee pillow 14 There are earthquakes and a rain of burning rocks was coming down 大地在震动 炙热的岩石如雨点般的 落下来 A rain of 起量词的作用 表示burning rocks 数量之多 下文的a shower of rocks A rain of 雨点般的 A shower of 阵雨般的 一 就 表达法 Immediately he returned from the USA he began to start a company 15 immediately 立即 马上 at once When she heard the good news she came immediately 他一从美国回来就开始准备开公司 immediately the moment as soon as 1 It is one thing to do another to do 2 是一会事 又是另一回事 你要留下是一回事 我请你留下是另外一回事 It is one thing for you to stay here Another for me to ask you to stay here 17 Farewell 再见 一路平安 下次再见 Farewell until we meet again We ve decided to have a f party before we leave school arewell 1 Upon arrival my uncle hugged Pompy and tried to give him courage 2 Then came a smell of sulphur and then flames my uncle came Which words were left out at the place of the question mark in the two sentences below GRAMMAR ELLIPSIS 省略 简单句中的省略 1 省略主语 祈使句中主语通常省略 其它省略主 语多限于少数现成的说法 1 I Thank you for your help 2 I See you tomorrow 3 It sounds like a good idea 4 I Beg your pardon 简单句中的省略 2 省略主谓或主谓语的一部分 1 There is No smoking 2 Will you Have a smoke 3 you come This way please 1 I Haven t seen you for ages 2 It Sounds like a good idea 3 I am Sorry to hear that 4 walk this way please 5 Would you like Joining us for a walk 6 Would you like Some more tea 7 It Doesn t matter 8 It is a Pity you couldn t come 9 What Such Terrible weather 10 Are you Going to the supermarket Do Exercise 2 简单句中的省略 3 在对话或并列句中 如果主语 谓语不同 而宾语相 同 则常省去相同的宾语部分 Tom enjoys dancing but Peter hates 省略了dancing 简单句中的省略 4 省略作宾语的不定式短语 只保留to 但如果 该宾语是动词be或完成时态 则须在之后加上be或 have 1 Are you going there Yes I d like to go there 2 He didn t give me the chance though he had promised to give me the chance 3 Are you an engineer No but I want to be 4 He hasn t finished the task yet Well he ought to have Do exercise 3 简单句中的省略 5 省略表语 1 Are you thirsty Yes I am thirsty 2 His brother isn t lazy nor is his sister lazy 6 同时省略几个成分 1 Have you finished you work Not yet 2 Good luck I have not finished my work yet I wish good luck to you 1 Does your brother intend to study German Yes he intends A B to C so D that 2 The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street but his mother told him A not to B not to do C not do it D do not to 3 What do you think made Mary so upset her new bicycle A As she lost B Lost C Losing D Because of losing B A C 并列句中的省略 1 两个并列句中 后一个分句常省略与前一分句中 相同的部分 1 My father is a doctor and my mother is a nurse 2 I study at college and my sister studies at high school 主从复合句中的省略 2 省略一个从句或从句的一部分 可用so 或 not代替 常用于此类的动词有believe think expect guess hope imagine suppose say tell等以及appear seem afraid等 1 Is he coming back tonight I think so 2 She must be busy now If so she can t go with us 3 Is she feeling better today I m afraid not 4 Do you think he will attend the meeting I guess not 其他省略 1 连词的that省略 1 宾语宾语从句中常省略连词连词that 2 I know he is a student 3 2 在定语语从句中 that在从句中作宾语时宾语时可省略 另外 凡是进进行时态时态和被动语态动语态的定语语从句都可省略关系代词词 和be 动词动词 4 He likes the songs that Zhoujielun sings 5 He likes the songs that are sung by Zhoujielun 2 在某些状语从句中 从句的主语与主句的主语 一致时或主语是it时 可省去 主语 be 部分 1 When he was still a boy of 10 he had to work day and night 2 She tried her best though she was rather poor in health 3 If it is necessary I ll explain to you again 其他省略 其他省略 3 连词if在部分虚拟条件句中可省略 但后面的 语序有变化 1 Had they time they would certainly come and help us 2 Were I you I would do the work better 1 3 Should there be a flood what should we do 其他省略 4 不定式符号to的省略 1 并列的不定式可省去后面的 to I told him to sit down and wait for a moment 2 某些使役动词动词 let make have 及感官动词动词 see watch hear notice observe 等 后面作宾语补宾语补足语语的不定式一 定要省去 to 但在被动语态动语态中须须将to 复原 I saw the boy fall from the tree The boy was seen to fall from the tree 3 介词词but前若有动词动词do 后面的不定式不带带 to The boy did nothing but play 1 If we ll continue our experiment after office hours A being necessary B be necessary C is necessary D necessary 3 Generally speaking according to directions the drug has no side effect A when taking B when taken C when to take D when to be taken 2 Do you think it s going to rain over the weekend A I don t believe B I don t believe it C I believe not so D I believe not D D B 1 My uncle was working at the foot of the mountain when the volcano erupted 2 She buried her face made her face buried in the pillow in order not to let her family know that she was crying in order that her family couldn t see her crying because she didn t want to let her family see her crying 3 After the accident happened someone saw the driver fleeing flee from the scene the driver was seen to flee fleeing from 5 It s said that this car crash happened took place occurred on that bridge 6 I swear that I won t tell the secret to anyone I swear not to tell 4 I urge you to give up smoking as soon as possible I urge you not to smoke 1 at hand 2 call for courage 3 all of a sudden 4 in a panic 5 draw one s attention to 6 on board 7 calm down 9 more than 10 light up 12 stand on end 13 at a distance 16 a cloud of unusual size and shape 3 courage 5 fled 6 mud 9 sudden 1 This is the spot where the accident happened 2 They urged me to eat into eating that strange food They urged that I should eat that strange food 3 He knocked about for a year trying to in order to find get a proper suitable job 5 When he heard the strange noise his hair stood on end The strange cry made his hair stand on end 5 9 I all of a sudden remembered that I hadn t locked the door 6 10 He shook his head as if he wanted to say I don t trust believe in him 81 We are trying to build a society in harmony with nature 82 Luckily fortunately we have access to clean drinking water now 83 Only by working hard can you succeed 84 The local government has taken action to deal with the accident 85 The doctor advised me to take more exercise 86 we didn t realise how serious the pollution was until all the fish in the river died not until all the fish in the river died did we realise how serious the pollution was 87 Citizens may have free access to the library 88 That he came suddenly put an end to the discussion His sudden arrival put an end to the discussion 1 volcano 2 ash es 3 3 fled 4 5 buried 5 6 panic 6 9 urged



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