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英语 下册 短语 复习
1 有 共同之处 2 即将到来 储备 3 获硕士学位 4 的所在地 5 开始创建 6 在80年代初期 Phrases in Unit11 have in common have in store receive master s degree be home to get started in the early 1980 s 7 成为现实 8 进入 踏进 9 经营公司 10对 有影响 11 依赖 依靠 12 提出 主意 计划 13 目的是做某事 旨在 come true set foot in run a company have an effect on rely on put forward aim at 1 渐渐喜欢 2 使某人记起 3打下 基础 4 着手做某事 5 努力做某事 6 结果是 被证明是 7 阐明 使 清楚 8引起某人注意 Phrases in Unit 12 develop one s love for remind sb of lay the foundation of set out to do in one s efforts to do turn out to be throw light on attract one s attention Phrases in unit13 1 充满 2 给 提供 3对 敏感 4阻止 做 5各种各样 6对 做贡献 be filled with provide sb with sth be sensitive to prevent sb from doing a variety of make contributions to 7 从 到 不等 8 利用 11 散发 放弃 投降 分发 泄露 10 冰点 9 由 构成 range from to take advantage of be made up of consist of freezing point give off up in out away Phrases in unit14 1 give a speech 2 put sb in prison 3judge sb by looks 4forbid sb to do forbid doing sth 5 as a result of 6set free 1 作演讲 2把某人投入监 狱 3以貌取人 4禁止某人做某 事 5由于 6释放 Phrases in unit15 plain to sb about of sth 2 apologize to sb for sth 3 persuade sb into doing sth 4 look into up to out down upon 1向某人抱怨 2因 向某人道歉 3说服某人做某事 4调查 尊敬 当心 轻视 5 be famous for as 6 get tired of with 7 be located in 8 cool off 9 take a dip in a pool 10 work out 5 因为为 作为为 而闻闻名 6 厌倦 因 疲 倦 7 位于 8 凉爽 9 在游泳池泡澡 10 锻炼锻炼 1 烧毁 2 一系列 3 打死 4 为了纪念 5 徒然 枉然 6 结果 因此 7 以吃 为主 Phrases in Unit 16 burn down a series of shoot to death in honour of in vain as a result live on unit17phrases 1 deal with do with 2 overcome difficulties 3 treat consider regard look upon sb as 4 win get receive an award 5 be born with 6 get around 7 make a contribution to 8 a gifted disabled man 9 get be used to doing sth 10 improve one s health 11 be proud of to do sth 12 play a role in 处理 克服困难 把某人当做 获奖 天生有 四处走动 为 作贡献 一个有天赋的残疾人 习惯于 提高身体素质 以 骄傲 12 起 作用 扮演角 色 Unit18 Phrase 1 throw away 2 be tired of 3 fit sth on 4 let out the air secret 5 be used for as 6 come up with 7 allow for 8 get stuck in 9 break away from 10 be aware of 11 trial and error 12 exchange for 13 be said to 14 be similar to 15 keep track of get in touch with 扔掉 厌倦 把 安装 放气 泄露秘密 被用于 用做 提出 想出 考虑 体谅 遇到困难 陷进 摆脱 意识 反复实验 交换 据说 与 相似 与 联系 Phrases in unit19 1 have mercy on sb show mercy to sb 2 pass judgement on sb 3 be seated sit down 4 take sb in one s arms 5 tear up 6 ask for beg for 7 at the mercy of 8 go down on one s knees 9 forgive sb for sth 10 It s useless doing 11 might as well do sth 1 对某人仁慈 对某人审判 坐下 拥抱 撕掉 乞求 由某人控制 跪下 因某事宽恕某人 做某事无用 不如做某事 Expressions in Unit 20 1追溯到 date back to 2侧卧 lie on one s side 3一件衣服 a pair of clothes 4靠近 贴近 close to 5与 有联系 be linked to 6参与 插手于 have a hand in 7竖起 使 车 马 停止 pull up 8用 的话 以 的观点 in terms of 9有名望 威望高 of high status 10充当 担任 serve as 11使某人想起 remind sb Of 12属于 是 的 belong to 13挖出 dig up 一 情态动词专项训练 1 Let me go out for a walk A shall I B don t you C will you D do you 2 He out at night A dares not go B dares not to go C dare not go D dare not going 3 would you like to have more chicken A Yes I ll like to B Yes I d like to C No I wouldn t D No I don t like that 4 give him a message when you see him A Do you please B Would you like C Would you mind D Will you please 5 You must have gone to see Bill yesterday you A mustn t B needn t C didn t D haven t A C B D C 6 Are you suggesting that I too careless for the job No I only suggest that you more careful A be should have been B am should be C should be be D have been should have been 7 here early I would have met him yesterday A If he would have come B If he have not been C Had he come D Should he have come 8 Why didn t you help me I would have I didn t have the money A still B but C otherwise D or B C B 9 Tom insisted what he said true and we insisted that he and have a look A be should go B should be would go C was go D would go 10 He shanghai for I saw him talking with the headmaster just now A must have gone to B can t have gone to C mustn t have been to D can t have been to 11 My English textbook was lost Who have taken it A should B must C could D would 12 I don t mind telling you what you know You I have been told about it A mustn t B may not C can t D needn t C B C D 13 The bus at six but it arrived an hour late A should have arrived B should arrive C must arrive D ought to arrive 14 The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone get out A had to B would C could D was able to 15 Do you dare to go out alone A Yes I dare B No I daren t C Yes I do D No I dare not do 16 On Sundays when I was a child I get up early and work in the garden A could B would C might D should A D C B 17 You d better keep quiet in class Sometimes I Yesterday I was very quiet during my English class A would B do C did D have 18 He hasn t finished writing this novels up to now Well he A should B should have C would D must have 19 I d rather he me the truth A tell B told C will tell D was telling 20 Jenny come with us tonight but she isn t very sure yet A will B might C can D must B B B B 二 被动语态专项训练 1 If city noises from increasing people shout to be heard even at dinner A are not kept will have to B are not kept have C do not keep will have to D do not keep have to 2 The fifth generation computers with artificial intelligence and perfected now A developed B have developed C are being developed D will have been developed A C 3 the meeting might be put off Yes it just depends A I ve been told B I ve told C I m told D I told 4 I need one more stamp before my collection A has completed B completes C has been completed D is completed 5 Rainforests and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future A cut B are cut C are being cut D had been cut 6 The new suspension bridge by the end of last month A has been designed B had been designed C was designed D would be designed A D C B 7 When a pencil is partly in a glass of water it looks as if it A breaks B has broken C were broken D had been broken 8 Great changes in the city and a lot of buildings A have been taken place have been built B have taken place have been built C have taken place have built D were taken place were built 9 That colour TV over 5ooo yuan A had costed B costed C is costed D cost 10 Look Everything here is under construction What s the pretty small house that for A is being built B has been built C is built D is building C B D A 11 Do you like the material Yes it very soft A is feeling B felt C feels D is felt 12 It is difficult for a foreigner Chinese A write B to write C to be written D written 13 I have no more letters thank you A to post B posting C to be posted D post 14 Take care Don t drop the ink on your shirt for it easily A won t wash out B won t be washed out C isn t washed out D isn t washing out 15 Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to A be put up B give in C be turned on D go out C B C A D 16 The book on the table me A belongs B are belonged to C belongs to D belong to 17 What do you think of the film Oh excellent It s worth a second time A to see B to be seen C seeing D being seen 18 The bird was lucky that it just missed A catching B to be caught C being caught D to catch 19 This homework wanted again A being checked B checked C to check D to be checked 20 many times the boy still didn t know how to do the exercises A Having taught B Having been taught C taught D Teaching D C C D B 1 black and blue the lady couldn t move A Beaten B Being beaten C She was beaten D Because she was beaten 2 Most of the men to the party were from town A invited B being invited C who had been invited 3 With a lot of different problems the newly elected president is having a hard time A settled B settling C to settle D being settled 4 With lot of different problems the newly elected president is very pleased A settled B settling C to settle D being settled 三非谓语动词专练 6 poor in English I m afraid I can t make myself A To be understand B I m understood C Being understanding D Being understood 7 the room the nurse found the tape recorder A Entering stealing B Entering gone C To have entered being stolen D Having entered to be stolen 8 English is a language in many countries A spoken B speaking C which is spoken D to speak 9 I should say sorry to him I regret to help him that day A refusing B to refuse C refused D refuse 10 Professor Li is often seen something in his office A to write B write C wrote D written 11 Do you still remember to your hometown ten years ago A taken B to take C to be taken D being taken 12 She is not used in the city A to live B to living C to have lived D live 13 Hurry up He is sure us at the gate A waiting B to wait C to be waiting D to be waiting for 14 everywhere the wolves had no where themselves A Hunting hiding B To hunt to hide C Hunted hiding D Hunted to hide 15 This is a car A use B using C to be used D used 16 When ice changes into water A to heat B heating C heated D they are heated 17 Charlie Chaplin is considered a great contribution to the film industry A to make B making C to have made D having made 18 with you we still have a long way to go A Comparing B To compare C Having compared D Compared 19 They haven t decided when for Shanghai A to be leaving B to leave C leaving D leave 20 I don t know the girl in the snow storm A to catch B caught C catching D to be catching 1 Friendship is like money easier made than 03上海春 A kept B to be kept C keeping D being kept 2 the meeting himself gave them a great deal of encouragement A The president will attend B The president to attend 03上海春 C The president attended D The president s attending 3 Unless to speak you should remain silent at the conference A invited B inviting C being invited D having invited 03上春 4 She will tell us why she feels so strongly that each of us has a role in making the earth a better place to live 03上海春 A to have played B to play C to be played D to be playing A D A B 5 How about the two of us a walk down the garden MET93 17 A to take B take C taking D to be taking 6 down the radio the baby s asleep in the next room MET93 24 A Turning B To turn C Turned D Turn 7 Charles Babbage is generally considered the first computer MET93 34 A to invent B inventing C to have invented D having invented 8 I must apologize for ahead of time That s all right MET94 21 A letting you not know B not letting you know C letting you know not D letting not you know 9 Rather than on a crowded bus he always prefers a bicycle NMET94 22 A ride ride B riding ride C ride to ride D to ride riding 10 The missing boys were last seen near the river NMET94 25 A playing B to be playing C play D to play 11 The first textbooks for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century NMET94 34 A having written B to be written C being written D written 12 You were brave enough to raised objections at the meeting Well now I regret that NMET95 26 A to do b to be doing C to have done D having done 13 The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street but his mother told him NMET95 35 A not to B not to do C not do it D do not to 14 What do you think made Mary so upset her new bicycle 97上海 13 A As she lost B Lost C Losing D Because of losing 15 She can t help the house because she s busy making a cake 97 上海12 A to clean B cleaning C cleaned D being cleaned 16 She looks forward every spring to the flower lined garden 95 上海20 A visit B paying a visit C walk in D walking in 17 While shopping people sometime can t help into buying something they don t really need 96上海14 A to pursue B persuading C being persuaded D be persuaded 18 The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier it more difficult NMET99 21 A not make B not to make C not making D do not make 19 A computer does only what thinking people 99上海19 A have it do B have it done C have done it D having it done 20 When I got back home I saw a message pinned to the door Sorry to miss you will call later NMET99 25 A read B reads C to read D reading 四 代词it专项训练 1 Is necessary to learn English A these B those C that D it 2 Who knocks the door is me A He B It C She D Her 3 He was nearly drowned once When was was in 1998 when he was in middle school A that It B this This C this It D that This 4 I hate when people talk with their mouth full A it B that C these D them 5 We found very difficult to learn Chinese A this B that C itD its D B A A C 6 Why don t we take a little break Didn t we just have NMET2000 A it B that C one D this 7 was yesterday that I met him in the street A It B This C That D Time 8 I hope there are enough book for each student to have A it B those C them D one 9 This had made possible for us to catch up with the developed countries A that B it C us D our country 10 I was disappointed at the film I had thought to be much better A that B this C one D it C A D B D 11 The teacher kept telling the boy that he should work harder but didn t help A he B which C she D it 12 Does matter if he failed in the exam A this B that C he D it 13 Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettable moment I will always treasure A that B one C it D what 14 Is a boy or girl A she B he C one D it 15 Look who is coming must be our father A She B He C It D This D D B D C 16 Someone is ringing the bell but who can be A one B he C she D it 17 was late winter and the weather was very cold A That B It C This D It s 18 is Mary speaking Who s A this you B It it C It that D This that 19 is far away from here to the natural park We have to go there by taxi A There B It C This D The place 20 They think their duty to keep the boss informed A that B this C its D it D B D B D



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