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高二英语下学期unit 12 language study

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Language Study 1 such as 2 make a sketch of 3 in the far future 4 come true 5 beat all diseases 6 keep us young forever 7 send sb to sw 8 remind sb of sth 9 take sth one step further 10 lay the foundation of 11 allow sb to do sth 12 at the beginning of 13 set out 14 in their efforts to survive 15 turn out 16 from that day on 17 start with 18 go deeper and deeper 19 in the end 20 have sth in common 26 fantasy 27 fiction 28 foundation 29 extinct 30 servants 31 distance 32 collision 33 gentle 34 permanent 35 prisoner dis disappear disability disagreement dissatisfied in im il ir incapable inconvenient incorrect immature illogical illegal irregular irresponsible impossible impolite non non smoker un unlucky unfair unusual unexpected unwilling unhappy unfamiliar unfold unbelievable postage post office postcard postal poster 1 表示 邮件 邮政 n 邮资 n 邮局 n 明信片 a 邮政的 n 海报 招贴画 2 前缀sub 1 表示 在下面 副手 subtitle n 副标题 subway n 地铁 2 表示 接近 靠近 subcentral subadult a 接近中心的 a 接近成年的 3 前缀over 1 表示 过度 过分 overstudy n 用功过度 overwork n 过度劳累 2 表示 在 之上 overlook v 俯视 疏忽 3 表示 翻转 overturn overthrow n 颠覆 n 推翻 4 前缀up 表示 向上 在上 uphold uphill 5 前缀under 表示 在 下面 下面的 underline underground underwater 6 后缀 fy 表示 使 化 使 成 beautify purify simplify 7 后缀 dom表示 等级 领域 状态 kingdom freedom wisdom 1 动词 er or 构成名词 write er writerinvent or inventor politician princess driver historian musician scientist player cleaner printer director inspector employer designer diver explorer farmer foreigner teacher leader speaker inventor servant seller traveller winner worker comedian librarian manager officer owner performer translator assistant visitor actor actress writer singer dancer painter pianist cyclist journalist conductor 2 合成名词 由 名词 名词 构成 sun shine sunshinenote book notebook gate man gatemanpost card postcard 1 part time long term easy going passer by English speaking film maker check out half way man made hard working well known pencil box kind hearted second hand get together so called world famous smoke free best seller 2 bedclothes bookmark boyfriend seaside firefighter greenhouse headache homesick armchair handshake birthday widespread daytime farmland sunrise courtyard overcoat underground friendship 1 extraordinary 2 retell 3 telecommunication 4 misunderstand 5 overseas 6 underwater 3 名词 y 构成形容词 cloud y cloudyluck y lucky wind y windyrain y rainy 特例 friend ly friendly 4 形容词 ly 构成副词 lucky ly luckilyhappy ly happily quick ly quickly quiet ly quietly Exercises 1 That man was enough not to tell the manager that he would not do the job A care B careful C careless D carelessness B 2 The soldier died for saving the child so his is heavier than Mount Tai A die B dead C died D death 3 The child looked at his brother who was badly wounded A sadly B sadness C badly D sad D A 5 The three chair isn t suitable for a young child He may fall off A legging B legged C legs D leged 4 He is an expert at chemistry We all call him a A chemistry B chemical C chemist D physician B C 6 Stephenson became the railway engineer in the world A lead B leader C leading D leadershipC 7 When the teacher praised him for working out the maths problem Jack looked at his classmates A proud B proudly C pride D pridely B 8 To everyone s the girl finished the job quite well A satisfied B satisfactory C satisfying D satisfaction D 9 What are you doing here Oh my teacher asked me to write a passage about in English You can write passage in English A 600 words a 600 words B 600 word a 600 words C 600 words a 600 word D 600 words a 600 words C 10 No one should enter the spot without the of the police A permit B permission C permitting D permittence 11 You must come with us to the police Our head is waiting for you A headquarters B headline C headmaster D headache B A 12 Letting that animal escape was no accident you did it A intend B intention C intentionally D intentional 13 The shop owner welcomed all the guests with a smile A practice B practise C practical D practiced C D 14 The ordered him to pay a 100 fine A judger B judgment C judge D judgement 15 My TV is out of order Can you tell me what is the news about Iraq War A lately B latest C later D latter C B 16 The Great Wall is more than 6000 li in A longer B length C long D longing 17 To my I passed the exam easily A joy B joyful C joyless D joyness A B 18 Canada is mainly an country A English speaking B speak English C spoken English D English spoken A 19 How he is He is always acting He is really a A foolish foolishly fool B fool foolish fool C foolish fool fool D foolishly foolish fool A 20 The necklace that she lost is very expensive It s of great A valuable B value C valueless D unvaluable 21 There were fish in the river in South America A in danger B danger C dangerous D dangerless B C 22 The letter b in the word doubt is A sound B silent C silence D sounded 23 The child looked at me A stranger B strangely C strange D strangeless B B 24 The black people were against slavery and fought for their bravely A free B freely C freedom D freesC 25 What you said sounded but in fact it was untrue A reasonable B reasonful C reasonless D unreason 26 We have to learn technology from other countries A advance B advancing C advantage D advanced A D 27 The children live in a village They come here almost every day A nearby B near C nearly D near by A 28 Mr Black is an in the army not an in the government You can not easily find him in his A official officer office B officer office official C official official official D officer official officeD 29 You d better give up smoking if you want to keep A health B healthy C healthily D healthier 30 speaking I didn t do it on purpose A Honestly B Honest C Honesty D Dishonest B A Homework 1 Choose a best explanation for the word in red 1 South Africa s first multiracial election took place in 1994 2 They used to be overworked and underpaid 3 As he stopped speaking there was audible murmurs of discontent 4 He holds a biannual exhibition of his works in Milan 5 As it approaches the sea the river begins to widen out 6 Capitalism is also based on the free exchange of goods and services in the world market A a social system based on private ownership of capital B involving people of several different races C happening twice a year D become wide E not be paid as much as necessary F a feeling of wanting an improved situation 2 Preview the Integrating Skills part



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