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高二英语下学期unit 12a

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Unit 12 Language items 1 To make a living Verne had to write and sell stories make a living 谋生 make one s living earn one s living living 生计 营生 收入 职业 He makes a living by teaching 她以种花为生 She earns her living by growing flower 拓展 living U 活 生存 生活 贫困国家的生活水平很低 The standard of living in poor countries is very low 他们是生活简朴的榜样 They set an example of plain living 2 spend some time on sth in doing sth It takes some time to do sth sb pays some money for sth sth costs sb some money 3 Apply 的用法 Now a graduate can apply to the school for a scholarship People can apply the result of this research to new developments in technology We need apply a new method apply 1 vi 申请 请求 apply to sb for sth 2 vt 把 运用于 apply sth to sth 3 vt 运用 应用 applied adj 应用的 实用的 applied mathemtics applicant n 申请者 application n 申请书 4 Many of the instruments in his novels will remind the reader of Dr Benjamin Franklin s experiments with electricity 1 remind 使人想起 提醒 remind sb of sth 有人提醒我不要忘了我的承诺 I was reminded of my promise 拓展 remind sb that 她提醒我还没浇花 She reminded me that I hadn t watered the flowers remind sb to do 我提醒他要用功 I reminded him to work hard 比较 remember 想起 记得 在我的印象中 他是个小淘气鬼 I remember him as a naughty little boy 我不记得怎么使用这台机器 I don t remember how to operate this machine 5 By taking the scientific developments of his day one step further Jules Verne laid the foundation of modern science fiction 1 由by doing 引导的动名词短语作状 语 表示一种手段或方式 通过 用 由于 You have to prove yourself a promising student by action 2 foundation n 1 创立 建立 2 地基 基础 3 基金会 He left money for the foundation for a music school You may be able to get support from an arts foundation A building must be laid on a firm foundation lay the foundation of 打下 的基础 奠定 的基础 The hero has laid the foundation of the new country His ten years in America laid the foundation of his career 6 He also suggested how inventions could be used suggest 提议 我建议大家乘火车去那里如何 May I suggest going there by train 我建议他应该参加俱乐部活动 I suggested to him that he should join the club activities 拓展 suggest 透漏 暗示 从他的语调可以看出 他对那个问题并不关心 His tone suggested his indifference to the matter suggest 使想起 黑 这个单词使你联想到什么 What does the word black suggest to you 7 long before before long before long不久以后 long before很久以前 1 Before long he went to Beijing and found a job there 2 He will be back before long 重要句型 It is was will not long before 从句 It wasn t long before he came back It won t be long before he comes back to China 8 Sb is believed reported said to do to have done sth It is believed reported said that Mary is believed to know the truth It is believed that Mary know the truth He is said to have studied abroad It is said that he has studied abroad Ten people are reported to have died in the accident It is reported that ten people died in the accident 9 in the collision that follows the three companions are thrown overboard 1 collision 冲突 相撞 公共汽车与轿车相撞 a collision between a bus and a car a collision of a bus with a car 正面冲突 a head on collision 2 the three companions the 表明 船上总共有三个人 这个老人的三个儿子在战争中都丧身了 The three sons of the old man were killed in the war 如不加 the 则说明总数可能不止三个 他班上有三个学生正计划着乘飞机去意大利 Three students in his class are planning to fly to Italy 10 Captain Nemo takes them on a voyage across the ocean voyage 航行 航海 乘船旅行 他正在回航途中 He is now on the voyage home 他正在作环游世界的航行 He is making a voyage around the world Travel 是一般用语 Trip 短途旅行 tour 11 By taking the scientific developments of his day one step further Julia Verne laid foundation of modern science fiction 1 by prep 说明手段或者方法 意思是 通过 用 以 由 于 其后常跟名词或v ing 你必须用行动来说明这个想法 You have to express the thought by action 他通过整夜练习 自学拉小提琴 He taught himself to play the violin by practicing all night 2 to lay foundation of 奠定 的基础 他在美国待了十年 这奠定了他事业的基础 His ten years in America laid the foundation of his career 12 At the beginning of 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea one of his most famous novels ships are disappearing all over the world and it is believed to be caused by a sea monster ships are disappearing 这里现在进行时并不是表示现 在正在进行的动作或正在发生的事情 而是表示经常性 的动作 这是现在进行时的一个重要用法 一般表示说 话人的某种情绪 你老是把衣服仍在地板上 You are always leaving your clothes on the floor 你老打断我的话 You are always interrupting me 她老是帮助别人 She is always helping people 她老是改变主意 She is constantly changing her mind 1 Dr Aronnax his servant and a Canadian whale hunter set out to find the monster 1 set out to do sth 带着目的 开始做某事 她决定要打破路上速度的世界纪录 She set out to break the world land speed record 2 set out 从某地出发上路 她天一亮就动身了 She set out at dawn set up 成立 建立 set foot in 踏上 set aside 放到一边 储蓄 be set in 以 为背景 比较 set about doing sth 开始做 He set about arranging the classes set off out to do sth for some place 1 In their efforts to survive they find themselves on the surface of the monster itself which turns out to be a submarine 1 turn out to be sb sth 证明是某人 某事物 原来是 这工作结果比我们想的要难 The job turned out to be harder than we thought 她原来是我妹妹的朋友 She turned out to be a friend of my sister It turned out that she was a friend of my sister 2 in their efforts in 表示 正在进行的动作或状 态 他总是在行动中 He is always in action 在这件事情上我们的意见看来是一致的 We seem to be in agreement on the matter 当我们到来时 她正在打电话 When we arrived she was engaged in a telephone conversation spare no effort to do sth make every effort to do sth 1 Dressed in diving suits they walk around in this magic world around in this magic world lighted by the lamps of the ship Dressed in diving suits 及lighted by the lamps of the ship 过去分词作状语 过去分词词组作状语 从远处看 这座岛屿就像云彩 Viewed from a distance the island looked like a cloud 他出身于贫穷的家庭 只上过两年学 Born into a poor family he had only two years of schooling 按普通标准看 她是可靠的 Judged by the ordinary standard she was reliable 2 有些过去分词可单独作状语 他情绪低沉地去看他姐姐 Depressed he went to see his elder sister 他失望地转身离开 He turned away disappointed 3 过去分词有时和连词一起用 这种情况接近 于状语从句的紧缩形式 尽管是战前制造的 这台发动机仍然处于良 好状态 Although it was built before the war the engine is still in perfect order 如果接受你担任这个职务 将于五一之前通 知你 If you are accepted for this post you will be informed by May 1st 1 In the end their raft is draw into a fast stream and with ever increasing speed and temperatures they are shot out of a volcano in southern Italy ever用于现在分词之前 表示always continuously 总是 不停地 食物价格不断上涨 使得工人生活困难 The ever increasing cost of food makes the workers life difficult 中国中央正在努力解决日益严重的农民问题 The Chinese central government is trying to deal with the ever growing problem of farmers Good bye



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