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高二英语下学期unit 13 (2)

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The Properties The Properties ofof Water Water Unit13 Reading Look at the titles and pictures in the text Do not read the whole text Pick out the topic of each paragraph and use the structures below to make six questions 1 What is are 2 What does look like 3 What are different parts of 4 What can be compared to 5 How does work 6 What are some examples of Various answers are possible the properties of water the earth the ocean the ocean the special air conditioner the ocean species in the ocean Structure of the passageStructure of the passage 1 minute to skim the passage focusing on the titles title and subtitles in the text and then fill in the chart below You do not need to read the whole text CHEMICAL STRUCTURE SALINITY THE PROPERTIES OF WATER DENSITY HEAT CAPACITY OCEAN MOTION Reading Reading What percentage of the earth is covered by water About 75 of the living space on earth is in the oceans Marine life is incredibly 99 rich and varied How many species are there in the oceans There are about five million species ranging from the tiniest plankton to giants like sharks and whales makes the ocean such a great place to live Chemical structure Oxygen Atom Hydrogen AtomHydrogen Atom 2 1 1 What is the function of the water s chemical structure Because water is polar it can break down The nutrients quickly become available to This structure makes water different from Why What affect weight freezing point Dissolved solids and gases mix with thirty five parts per thousand What Pure water Sea water 1 000kg m 1 o26kg m affect Take advantage of With the right size possible to float and let water do the work What high The amount of energy without big changes in temperature creating a stable environment ocean is safe and comfortable thus the temperature of the earth steady by absorbing and taking off heat keep salinity and temperature affect water s density Dense water sinks and less dense water is pushed to the surface adds moves energy to the marine ecosystems nutrients around What words can we use to describe the importance of water from the last paragraph Amazing Important Simple Common Precious necessary Make life possible Our future depends on it P1 There are abut five million species in the oceans and we have to learn much about them yet P 2 The nutrients in falls into the ocean quickly become available whatever P3 The salinity of the earth s ocean is about thirty five parts per thousand there are about meaning that Even though the pure water is gives sea water its main properties the salinity of sea affects both its weight and freezing point what Word study Ex 1 Check your Anawers 1 otmas atoms 2 tanomu amount 3 sdlio solid 4 oasbrb absorb 5 cgrnetidea centigrade 6 sag gas 7 nhroygde hydrogen 8 yoxgen oxygen 9 assm mass 10 fatol float Ex 2 Fill in the blanks with the proper Ex 2 Fill in the blanks with the proper words The first letter has been given Some words The first letter has been given Some words are used more than once words are used more than once The water molecule is made up of two h atoms and one o atom Water is a l at room temperature but it turns into a s when the temperature drops below 0 C and into a g when heated above 100 C An a is the smallest part of any living or nonliving thing Places by the sea often have a s climate that is never too hot or too cold because water can a and release a lot of heat ydrogenydrogenxygenxygen iquidiquid olidolid asas tomtom teadyteady bsorbbsorb Soil can a water so it helps keep water from flowing away Marine scientists study the r between Marine scientists study the r between living creatures and their habitat in the ocean living creatures and their habitat in the ocean Salt water has a lower f point and is Salt water has a lower f point and is heavier than fresh water heavier than fresh water Oil has a density lower than 1 000 kg m3 so it Oil has a density lower than 1 000 kg m3 so it will f on water will f on water Heat d the candle into a pool of wax in a Heat d the candle into a pool of wax in a few minutes few minutes Now nobody can be sure any longer that the air in Now nobody can be sure any longer that the air in the countryside is p and healthy the countryside is p and healthy elationshipelationship reezingreezing loatloat issolvesissolves ureure bsorbbsorb 1 property n 特性 性质 c 财产 u Many plants have medicinal 药物的 properties common property公共财产 wealth u 财富 The car is my property As a student wisdom is his wealth 2 range from to 在 内 变化 The discussion ranged over various problems He ranged over hills and plains The prices of the dolls range from 5 to 100 The show had a massive audience ranging from children to grandparents 3 all the way 一直 一路上 完全 Come all the way from Austrilia Jack climbed all the way to the top of the tree We stayed in the game all the way by the way顺便一题 in no way绝不 in a way在某种程度上in the way阻 碍 4 unique 唯一的 独特的 That building is unique because all the others like it were destroyed 5 relative adj 相对的relatively adv She is living in relative poverty He asked some questions relative to my plans Supply is relative to demand relativity相对性 相关性 物 相对论 The theory of Relativityby Einstein n 亲人 亲戚 Her boyfriend is a distant relative of mine 6 mass n 质量 U 团 块 大量 the masses the mass of大部分 大多数 A mass of masses of 许多 大量 The mass of people are Christian A mass of information has been brought in The masses are often the makers of history She has a mass of things to do in the mass一般说来 They are good citizens in the mass 一般说来他们都是好市民 7 float vi vt 使 漂浮 Wood floats on water floating population 流动人口 8 take advantage of 对 加 以利用 We took advantage of the fine weather to go on a hike He takes advantage of her kindness and borrow money too often 9 absorb vt 吸收 理解知识 This paper absorbs ink well Black cloth absorbs light The task absorbed all his energies He was absorbed in the book for it was good be absorbed in集中注意做某事 I was absorbed in a book and I didn t hear your call 10 give off 散发 放出 a liquid gas smoke or smell The flowers give off a delicious smell give away 泄露 分发 give up 放弃 屈服 give out 1 发出声 光 热 信号2 分发报纸 书本等3 筋疲力尽 11 stable adj 可靠的 稳重的 a stable job a stable character stability n 稳定性 12 sensitive adj 敏感的 灵敏的 a sensitive ear a sensitive skin be sensitive to对 敏感 She is very sensitive to the cold My sister is sensitive to about her thick legs 1 Temperature here 10 C to 30 C A comes fromB changes from C turns fromD ranges from 2 The water in oceans also keeps the temperature of the earth steady heat A to absorb and release B by absorbing and reseasing C without absorbing and releasing D in absorbing and releasing 3 The old lady is to what others say A stable B availableC sensible D sensitive 4 Oil has the of floating on water A propertyB medium C disadvantageD capacity 5 I know the money is safe I shall not worry about it 2003 Beijing A Even thoughB Unless C As long as D While 6 I m sorry sir those shoes are not in your size A denseB pureC available D solid 7 The good policy a lot to the economic development A gives B contributesC cause D benifits Fill in the blanks with the proper words The first letter has been given 1 O is a gas without color taste or smell 2 An a can combine to form a molecule 3 The d of the fog made it difficult to see where we were going 4 H is the lightest gas with no colour taste or smell which combines with oxygen to form water 5 Sound travels through the m of air 6 Can you tell us the most important P of water xygen tom ensity ydrogen edia roperty 7 The soil can a water so it helps to keep water from flowing away 8 Oil has a density lower than 1 000kg m so it will f on water bsorb loat



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