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高二英语下学期Unit 17d

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Unit 17 DISABILITY DISABLED NOT ME Beethoven Composer deaf when he composed his 9th Symphony author of the best selling book A Brief History of Time has made difficult concepts in physics more acceptable to the public His discoveries about gravitation are regarded as some of the most important contributions to that area of physics since Albert Einstein introduced the general theory of relativity in 1915 Physicist Stephen Hawking Read the passage while listening to the tape Judge the following statements to see if they are True or False Step 1 Listening and reading True or False 1 Zhong Xiaowen doesn t wish to be treated as a little child 2 Xiaowen s story serves as an example to show that physical disabilities can limit a person s life 3 All the students in the Beijing Union University are disabled 4 Literature of Chinese Blind Children is a great help in encouraging blind children to overcome difficulties and challenges 5 In 2000 Ye Zijie was invited to London and became the first Chinese to study abroad Step 2 Careful reading Read the passage carefully and answer the questions Name Age Sex Profession Problem Success we are all a little different from each other We all have different strengths and weaknesses Be always ready to open doors offer guidance inspire and encourage people who are in trouble love your life and be thankful Revision Answer the following questions on the text 1 Xiaowen who is disabled won an award for A young student B her talent C her disability D young scientist 2 Xiaowen s favorite subject is computer science which shows A she is interested in science B she is fond of medicine C she has some interest in animals D she takes great interest in space 3 What makes Xiaowen so different is that A she is healthy and likes to makes friends with others B she is disabled and likes to do some scientific research C she never wants others to treat her in a different way D she want to get help from those who are disabled too 4 Xiaowen s example wants to tell us that A the disabled can do what we normal people do B the disabled are cleverer than those who healthy C everyone can realize his or her dream D everyone should follow their example 5 The best way for the whole society to help disabled people is to A assist them to set up their own business B help them go back to schools and find jobs C open the doors and offer guidance to them D get them a lot of money and let them enjoy their lives 6 In order to help the disabled we should A do everything for them B give them money food and clothing C help them understand their valuable role in society D learn how to teach them knowledge 7 The disabled people mentioned in the passage are all A hardworking and clever B lazy and poor C optimistic and pessimistic 悲观 D foolish and doing nothing at all 8 What the text suggests is that A people with disabilities want to be treated equally as normal ones B people with disabilities want to go wherever they want to C the healthy should try to help those disabled people who are in trouble D we ordinary people should help each other A the disabled are useless B we should look down upon the disabled C the disabled can do something as well as or better than normal people if they are helped D there is no opportunity for the disabled to make a contribution to society 9 We can infer from the passage that Topic sentence Para 1 I know people are trying to help but I wish they wouldn t treat me as if I were a child Para 2 Today there are more opportunities for disabled people to develop their potential live a richer life and make a contribution to the society Para 3 Disabled people need recognition more than sympathy and help Para 4 Like all of us disabled people also need inspiration and encouragement Para 5 About one third of the articles in Literature of Chinese blind children are written by disabled authors and blind children Para 6 Living with disability is frustrating and challenging 1 able 的用法 be able to 有能力做 He is able to do it well unable无能力的 be unable to Unable to see any houses we decided to put up out tent disablev 使残废 使失去能力 丧失能力 disabled伤残的 ability 能力 才能 才智 I doubt his ability to do the job I doubt whether he is to do the job able 他能流利地说英语 He has the ability to speak English fluently 她是一个很有才能的妇女 She is a woman great She is a very woman of ability able disability 无力 无能 残疾 He lost the chance to go to college because of his disability Helen Keller was not a born disabled person Nothing disabled her at birth She was not a person with disabilities at birth adj vt n 2 Wish 宾语从句 从句中使用虚拟语气 I wish I were a bird I wish I had been here yesterday 3 get around get about 到处走动 手术之后 他又能走动了 He could get around about again after the operation 近来她不大各处走动 She doesn t get around much these days get around about round 指消息 传播 流传 坏消息传播很快 恶事传千里 Bad news gets around quickly get around 避开 逃避 绕过困难 to get around the tax laws 逃避纳税 4 fair1 n 商品展览会 市集 商品交易会 a book fair a computer fair a job fair 书展 电脑展销会 职业交流会 2 adj 肤色 白皙的 头发 金黄的 干净的 公平 的 天气 晴朗的 fair hair fair skin fair skies fair game a fair deal a fair businessman 金发 白皙的皮肤 晴朗的天空 正大光明的比赛 公平交易 一位公道的商人 fairness unfair 不公平的 公平 正直 5 potential 潜能 潜力 ability for further development His potential in music has been developed since his childhood adj 可能的 潜在的 每粒种子都可能长成植物 Every seed is a potential plant 潜在的问题 a potential problem live a happy life lead a meaningful and productive life 5 live a richer life and make a contribution to society live a life He lives a dog s life He lives a poor life He is as poor as a church mouse make a contribution to contribute to e g Chaplin made a great contribution to the film industry Chaplin contributed to the film industry to prep n doing adapt to adjust to be addicted to contribute to draw one s attention to devote oneself to get be used to get down to help oneself to lead to make a contribution to pay attention to prefer to etc 6 guidance n 指导 指引 他在老师的指导下做了这件工作 He did the work under his teacher s guidance vt guide Be guided by your feeling 按你的感觉行事 They guided us to the office 他们带领我们到了办公室 n 向导 导游 指南 指导 a shopper s guide 购物指南 7 gifted adj 有天才的 有天赋的 talented a gifted child a gifted pianist 有天赋的孩子 有才华的钢琴家 gift 天赋 天资 才能 他有做诗的天赋 He has a gift for poetry 多才多艺的人 a man of many gifts He is gifted in painting 8 assist v to help or support e g She assisted him in building the house Good glasses will assist you to read help与assist 意义常相同 assist 常指受协助的人能做一部分工作 aid 指援助一群人 特别是用钱 辅助设备 e g One helps someone who is drowning One helps assists someone who is moving a piano Aid for developing countries visual aids such as slides视觉辅助器 如幻灯片 I aided him with money 我资助了他 9 sympathy 同情 体谅 同感 Have feel show sympathy for sb 同情某人 Be in sympathy with 赞同 同 一致 They are in sympathy with your views He received many letters of sympathy 10 encouragementn encouragev With the from his father he went abroad encouragement His father him to study abroad encouraged encourage sb to do sth discourage sb from doing sth My father thinks the competition in computer companies is so fierce that he discourages me entering the field 11 productive adj 生产的 多产的 富有成效的 a very productive writer a productive life 多产的 多作品的 作家 有作为的生活 12 challenge n e g He accepted his friend s challenge to swim across the river v challenging adj e g Snoopy is reading a challenging 有吸引力的 book which is full of challenging 具挑战性的 ideas e g His friend challenged him to swim across the river 12 impair v 削弱 损害 使弱 The accident impaired his vision 他的工作因愚蠢的错误而受损 His work was impaired by stupid mistakes 13 visualadj 视觉的 视力的 形象的 栩栩如生的 a visual organ视觉器官 a visual memory of the scene 对场景的形象记忆 advvisuallyvisually impaired 弱视的 a visually impaired boy visually是个副词 修饰动词的过去分词impaired 在英语中常见 这样的用法 即 一个副词加一个过去分词 构成了一个复合形 容词 表示 在 方面是被 的 genetically modified mentally disabled physically disabled 转基因的 在智力方面残疾的 身体残疾的 引起动机 促起 激发14 motivate 考试能促使学生去追求更多的知识吗 Do examinations motivate a student to seek more knowledge 15 adjust 表示调整 调节 校正 调解时 是vt She adjusted her clothes and her hair before going out 她在出门前整了整头发和衣服 He must adjust the errors 他必须校正误差 adjust oneself to 使 适合 使 适应adapt 他很快就适应了军中生活 He soon adjusted to the life in the army I have had the brakes of my bike adjusted He adjusted himself very quickly to the heat of the country 16 get used to be used to used to辨析 get used to sth doing 表示由不习惯到习惯的变化 be used to sth doing 表示已形成的状态 be used to do used to do 被用来做 表示过去常常 17 candy 糖果 sweet 18 ceremony典礼 仪式 candies sweets important social occasions a wedding ceremony at the graduation ceremony 结婚典礼 在毕业典礼上 19 victorySuccess in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle 胜利 战胜 克服 20 dignity self respect and honour 尊严 高贵 Although she is very poor she has not lost her dignity 参与 参加 I participated took part in the game participantn 参与者 参加者 21 participate vi take part participate in with participant in 22 conduct 1 behave v 行为 举动 举止 He conducts himself well Although he is twenty he conducts himself like a child 2 lead or guide 领导或引导 The headmaster conducted us round the school 3 direct manage or control He conducts his business very successfully 23 fail to do sth not perform or not do 无法做到 不做 e g Something wrong makes the TV set fail to pick up programs By preparing for and participating in the Special Olympics 1 Make an introduction to Zhong Xiaowen 2 Are all the students in the Beijing Union University disabled What do they learn 3 What do the disabled people need 4 Who and when started the magazine Literature of Chinese Blind Children What are the articles in the magazine about 1 Make an introduction to Zhong Xiaowen 16 a middle school student best won an award for young scientists Born disabled no feeling below the waist wheelchair computer science create many programs 2 Are all the students in the Beijing Union University disabled What do they learn No 1 3 are blind and the rest are deaf or have no disability They not only learn how to assist disabled people but also learn the importance of cooperating to reach their goals in life 3 What do the disabled people need They need recognition more than sympathy and help They also need inspiration and encouragement Xu Bailun started it in 1985 They are about disabled people who have overcome difficulties and learnt to live a meaningful and productive life 4 Who and when started the magazine Literature of Chinese Blind Children What are the articles in the magazine about Zhong Xiaowen is a middle school student of She was born unable to use her legs However she enjoys and has won an for the programs she has created Like Xiaowen it is important for disabled people to receive develop their and make to society The disabled people need more than and help They should realize they can play a role in society Besides they also need and The magazine Literature of Chinese Blind Children has inspired disabled people to overcome challenges and difficulties and live a and life To be honest living with disability is and sixteen disabled computer scienceaward education potential contributions recognition sympathy valuable inspiration encouragement meaningful productive frustratingchallenging Let s join hands to make the world full of love and more beautiful



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