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高二英语下学期unit 19 language points

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pay back as far as after all in the eyes of have mercy on tear up offer up go get down on one s knees Fill in the blankets using the below words 1 He me the 100 dollars he owed me 2 We will all of the treaty rather than accept this clause 3 It is not surprising that you have got stomachache you have eaten too much 4 The cruel soldiers their prisoners 5 He walked the foot of the mountain 6 The friendly staff a real taste of Southwest America 7 He to look for his contact lens 8 You may think it is a joke to drive away another person s car but the law it is theft paid back tear up after all have no mercy on as far as offer up went down on his knees in the eyes of 据我所知 as far as I m concerned in my opinion 就我而言 依我之见 as far as they are concerned as far as the eye can reach prep a reasonable man 通情达理的人 2 适度的 不高的 价钱 a reasonable price 公平的价格 3 Be reasonable 不要这样怀恨在心 4 It is useless trying to argue with Shylock 烟酒过多无益It s no good drinking and smoking a lot There be no use good ing 句型 It s a waste of time v ing 和他谈简直是浪费时间 It s just a waste of time talking to him There s no use talking about it It s no use talking about it 5 You might as well go stand upon the beach and argue with the sea may might as well do sth as do sth else 还是做某事好 不如做某事 例如 We may as well have a try and see if it can be done There is nothing to do so I may as well go to bed 我们还是试一试 看看能否办成 没什么事可做 我还是上床睡觉好了 6 times 在此表示三倍以上的倍数 用 times 表示 甲是乙的几 倍大 长 宽 高等 甲比乙大 长 高 宽等 几倍 可以用下列句型 A is times the size length height width of B This street is four times the length of that one 这条街是那条街的 4 倍长 A is times as big long high wide as B This street is four times as long as that one A is times bigger longer higher than B This street is three times longer than that one 这这房间间是那房间间大两倍 The room is twice the size of that one This room is twice as big as that one 7 How can you hope for mercy yourself to you when you show none 1 hope for 希望 盼望 抱最好的希望 作最坏的准备 2 when 在这里相当于if 如果需要 她就来给你帮忙 Hope for the best prepare for the worst She ll be here to give you help when necessary 8 I do not envy you your job 我并不羡慕您的职业 envy sb sth 我并不羡慕你在这种坏天气去旅行 I don t envy you your journey in this bad weather How I envy you 9 This is a most troublesome case a most adj 可数名词的单数形式 不表最高级 仅表程度 非常 十分 most相当于 very I found him to be a most interesting boy He asked us a most important question 我发现他是一个非常有趣的男孩子 他问了我一个非常重要的问题 10 Please be seated 请坐下 1 Michael himself at the desk and began to read 2 He looked carefully and found her at the back of the hall 3 in the first row the boy listened carefully 4 The girl by the window is my sister seated seated sitting Seated Sitting sitting seated 11 What do you accuse of 你起诉什么 accuse someone of sth He was accused of murder 他被指控犯谋杀罪 Note charge sb with sth 控告某人 He was charged with murder 指控某人某事 12 My fate is a consequence of bad fortune 只怨我运气不好 consequence n as a consequence 由于在医院的缘故 谢莉决定当一名护士 结局 结果 因而 结果 As a consequence of being in the hospital Shelly decided that she wanted to become a nurse He swore that he would never drink He swore never to drink 13 I have sworn to heaven to have my pound of flesh swear vt vi swore sworn 发誓 断言 1 swear to do sth 2 swear that 他发誓说决不再喝酒 14 And Shylock take your knife and prepare to do the deed 付诸行动 实施 do the deed do good deeds Lei Feng did a lot of good deeds 15 However he agreed to lend Antonio the money on one condition condition 1 My car is old but 2 He has been for two weeks 3 shall I agree 4 He ll lend you the money you return it on time be in good condition be out of condition be in no condition to do on this condition on no condition 健康 情况良好 健康不佳 情况欠佳 状况不适宜做 在这一条件下 在任何条件下都不 决不 U C 状态 健康状态 条件 in good condition out of condition On no condition on condition that 16 be worthy of sth be worthy of being done be worthy to be done be worth doing be worthwhile doing sth be worthwhile to do sth His deed is worthy of praise His deed is worthy to be praised His deed is worthy of being praised He is worth praising It is worthwhile discussing the question again It is worthwhile to discuss the question again 17 I ask you to let him stand in my place and give judgment in one s place in place of in one s place 在适当的位置上 房间里一切都井井有条 书架放这里不协调 代替某人 Everything in the room is in its place The bookshelf is out of place here 18 He must promise to leave the money upon his death to his daughter and her husband upon on n v ing Upon my arrival home I found there was something strange 19 deny vt 否定 否认 deny sth To deny that is to deny everything deny doing He denied having been there deny that I don t deny that it is a serious problem 20 All his ships were at sea Her father died when he was at sea I have never been on a ship at sea He was all at sea when he began his new job 1 出海 在海上 2 茫然 不知所措 by sea by the sea go to sea go to the sea In the past people often traveled to America by sea Severl little children are playing by the sea My brother will go to sea when he grows up Let s go to the sea for a walk Related exercises 1 He asked for the violin A Did I pay how muchB I paid how much C how much did I payD how much I paid 2 Someone is ringing the doorbell Go and see who is he B who he is C who is itD who it is 3 Can you tell me how good is his spoken English B how well his spoken English is C how well he speaks English D how good he can speak English 4 He said that he had bought the jacket A before three days B three days before C three days ago D last week 5 Did you say A that what he said was true B that it was true that he said C what did he say was true D what he said it was true 6 Please tell me from where do you comeB where you come C where you will comeD there you come 7 Ask her come with us A if she willB if or not she will C that if she willD whether will she 8 The driver said that he pick a passenger at west street will upB would up C will out D would out 9 He said he in 1993 has born B had been bornC had born D was born 10 John me he was going to help me with my English A explainedB spokeC toldD said Homework 1 Preview the second integrating skills 2 Finish the exercises in the Learning English about unit 19



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