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高二英语下学期unit 20 reading

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Stone Age Food wild fruits wild animals Housing caves Home decoration bones of animals fur pottery jade Tools stones sticks bones axes made of stone Artefacts necklace made of bones bone pins pottery jade Entertainment shouting and dancing with rhythm Bronze Age Food grain wheat rice bean domestic animals broom corn millet Housing houses made of mud and straw Home decoration bronze mirrrors bronze jade Tools knives sickles axes fishhooks Artefacts bronze tripods and quadripods textile embroidery Entertainment singing and dancing drinking wine Han dynasty Food wheat rice wine vegetables sugar Housing houses made of bricks and tiles Home decoration silk stone and brick statues wood statues frescoes Tools iron objects ploughs hoes Artefacts silk paintings on silk stone brick and wood statues Entertainment playing the instruments acrobatic show Tang Dynasty Food pancake tea spinack wine Housing houses made of bricks and tiles palaces Home decoration china pottery jade silk Tools Quyuan ploughs tools used to lift water by water wheel Artefacts tri colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty China Entertainment having a swing boat race playing polo 1 Describe the kinds of objects king and emperors in China were buried with There are weapons tools clothing money articles for daily life jade articles silk Jewllery pottery china servants warriors wives of emperors and kings animals 2 Why were dead kings given these objects after they died To show off their power and wealth To continue their luxurious life in the nether worth They were given these things to be used in their life after dead Language points Date back to date from追溯到 从 开始 Our friendship from back to college days 我们的友谊从大学时代就开始 This custom dates from 17th century My interest in stamp collecting dates from my schooldays In our village stood an temple dating back to Tang dynasty 我们村子里有一座始于唐代的寺庙 give sb an idea of 使某人大致了解 This book will give you a rough idea of what the everyday life of ordinary Americans is like 这本书可使你大概 地了解一般美国人生活是什么样子 Can you give me the general idea of this article 你能给我讲一下文章大 意吗 This book gives you a good idea of life in China 这本书使你对中国的生 活有了一个清楚的概念 tend to 倾向 打算 走向 趋向 易于 往 往会 我倾向认为这不是一个好办法 I tend to think that s not a good solution 他的文采倾向于精雕细琢 His style tends to elaborations 道路向北延伸 The road tends to north 海岸线在此处转向南方 The coastline tends to the south here 儿童往往回对他们所看到的事物感 到好奇 Children tend to be curious about things they see Have take a hand in 插手 参与 The engineer had a hand in the design of the museum 这位工程师参与了博物馆的设计 He had a hand in composing songs for children when hw was young I doubt John had a hand in this 我怀疑约翰参与这件事 I had no hand in arranging the meeting 我不负责安排这次会议 In term of就 而言 以 的观 点 He thinks of everything in terms of people s interests 他依据人民的利益来考虑每一个问 题 He is rich in terms of money but not in terms of happiness 他富有金钱 但缺少幸福 In the eyes of 或 in one s eyes 或to one s eyes据某人看来 在某人心目中 在你母亲眼里 你仍然是个小孩 In your mother s eyes you are still a child 在她看来 她的孩子是不会做错事 her children could do no wrong in her eyes 在法律上 这是犯罪 In the eyes of law it is an offence dig up 挖出 挖掘 翻挖 They are digging up the road behind the park 他们正在挖掘公园后面的那条路 These relies were dug up last year 这些文物是去年出土的 The archaeologists have dug up some interesting remains 考古学家挖掘出一些有趣的古物 Link 连接 联系 常用句型为link sth with sth This road links the two villages 着条路连着两个村庄 This new bridge will link the two cities 这座新桥梁将把两个城市连起来 They always link theory with pracise 他们总是把理论和实践结合起来 Her heart is linked with the hearts of the masses 他和群众心连心 Link 还可以表示 连接起来 常用句 型为 link 副词 介词短语 We ll link up with the company 我们将与那家公司携手合作 His work links up with the research I m doing 他的工作与我正在进行的研究有联 系 True or false 1 When the King of Stonehenge died he was about 50 years old 2 From tests on his teeth it is certain that he spent his childhood in England 3 The most amazing find was two gold earrings F F T 4 Stonehenge was begun around 2300BC 5 In terms of technical development people were going from the Bronze Age to the Stone Age at that time 6 It has been proven that the copper knives came from Spain and Western France F F T



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