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英语 学期 unit2Robots
ndesire c un 1 a strong wish 渴望 意欲 I am filled with desire to go back there He has a strong desire to succeed for success They had a desire that I should attend their wedding 2 Something or someone desired 渴望的人或东西 What s your greatest desire v to wish or want very much I desire to be successful The Queen desired you to come at once The Queen desired that you should come at once suggest 建议 request demand insist 坚持做 command cn satisfaction 令人满意的事物 un 满意 满 足 She smiled with great satisfaction the satisfactions of doing work 工作的乐趣 v satisfy It s not easy to satisfy him adj satisfied satisfying令人满意的 I am satisfied with the result of the exam The result of the exam is satisfying adj satisfactory 满意的 良好的 圆满的 It s a satisfactory excuse for his absence nsatisfaction nalarm n 1 a warning of danger 警报 a fire alarm I raised the alarm as soon as I saw what s happening 2 fear caused by the expectation of danger恐慌 I hope you won t take alarm at the news v 1 giving a warning警告 The notice board alarm people not to swim in the river 2 feel feared or cause anxiety 恐慌 The news that H5N1 has spread alarmed the nation adj alarmed alarming 惊人的 吓人的 She felt alarmed when she saw the snake The news is really alarming nsmooth vt 使 光滑 平滑 顺利 adj 光滑的 平滑的 平稳的 平坦的 The road is very smooth Smooth water runs deep We ll smooth away any difficulties when we reach them smooth over 缓和 减轻 静水流深 清除 顺利解决 give raise sound the alarm 发警报 摇警报器 be alarmed at 被 吓一跳 be alarmed for 放心不下 nembarrass vt to cause to feel ashamed or uncomfortable 使困窘 使局促不安 Are you trying to embarrass me adj embarrassed embarrassing I felt embarrassed by my being late I don t like making speeches in public it s so embarrassing un embarrassment nsympathy un 同情 心 pl 支持 When his father died he had our sympathy My sympathies are with her husband in sympathy with sb sth have no some sympathy with sb sth express sympathy for sb out of sympathy for 支持某人 某事 不支持 支持某人 某事 对某人表示同情 出于对 的同情 npile a number of things lying on top of one another an amount of sth that is in a large mess cn v a pile of piles of lots of 成堆的 成批 的 There were a pile of magazines on the desk I ve got piles of work to do this evening The fallen leaves piled up 堆积 n with wonder 疑惑地 with n 作状语 with surprise embarrassment fear nreach for reach out one s hand for He reached out his hand for an apple n reach within one s reach out of one s reach beyond one s reach naccompany v 1 to go stay with I d like you to accompany me to the supermarket What accompanies him is always a dog 2 to exist at the same time 和 一起发生 Lightning usually accompanies thunder nAs she turned around there stood Gladys Claffern Down came the hammer and out flew the sparks In rushed the boys 1 谓语是go come run 等表示位置转移的动词和be动 词 2 句中有表示方位的副词 there here up down in out away 等 为强调该副词 可将副词置于句首 但要注意 There came the bus Here he is 若主语是名词 用倒装 若是代词 则不倒装 naffair cn 事情 暧昧关系 私通 pl 业务 事务 事态 Affairs at present in that country are unsettled 那个国家当前的局势动荡不安 Big countries don t try to direct the affairs of other countries current foreign world affairs 时事 外交事务 世界事务 affairs of state 国事 国务 政务 ndeclare cn 宣布 声明 表明清楚有力让人知道 某件大事 要闻 或官方的立场 态度 Peace was declared at last 最终宣告和平 declare for against sth 表态支持 反对某事 declare war on against 对 宣战 nmore than n 不仅仅是 不止 China Daily is more than a newspaper It helps us to learn English What he wants is more than money more than adj adv v 很 非常 He is more than scared of cats more adj adv n v than 与其说 不如说 He is more scared than ill 他与其说是病了 倒不如说他是受了惊吓 nIt was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains 强调句 It is was 强调部分 that who 其他 It is not where you come from or what you are but the ability to do the job matters none B that C what D it It was after the invention of printing to publish large numbers of books and pictures A were people able B that people were able C when were people able D people were able B B impress impress sb with sth impress sth on upon sb make an impression on sb 这位姑娘既活泼又有幽默感 给这位男孩留下了深刻 的印象 The girl impressed the boy with her liveliness and sense of humor 他的话铭记在我心里 His words was impressed on me 他给我留下了深刻的印象 He made a strong impression on me nenvy un vt I don t envy you your journey in such bad weather He was filled with envy of me at my success envy n of sb at sth 妒忌某人 事 feel envy of sb at sth 对 感到妒忌 out of envy 出于妒忌 nleave let alone be 不管 不打扰 不理会 I ve told you to leave my things alone Let me be I want a rest leave 宾语 补足语 使 处于 状态 Leave the door open nhave doing cause sb to do sth 让 做 She had us all laughing at her jokes I won t have him cleaning his bike in the kitchen She won t have her children sitting down to dinner with dirty hands 鼓励 教会 劝说 I ll have them all talking in English in the classroom nWhom would you rather with your sister A have gone B have to go C have go D have going Who did the teacher have an article for the paper just now A written B writing C write D to write As you ve never been there before I ll have someone you the way A to show B show C showing D showed C C C



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