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八年级英语Enjoy Your Hobby课件

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Unit 7 Enjoy Your Hobby Everyone has hobbies I like collecting stamps How about you What s your hobby 1 Useful expressions in this unit 2 What s a hobby 3 Do you have a hobby 4 Would you like to have a hobby 5 What hobby do you like to have 6 How much do you want 7 2 Important words in this unit hobby guess sell wall instruction joy proud wide report trade collect garden enjoyable fresh popular rose smell wonderful difficult alone moment activity model build wood glue field land join club member prize organize side through real 3 Useful phrases join a club 加入一个俱乐部 either or 或者 或者 take part in 参加 a roll of film 一卷胶卷 feel proud 感到自豪 make a report 做一篇报告 stamp collection 集邮 all kinds of 各种各样的 be made of 由 制成 bring in 把 带来 share sth with sb 和某人一起分享 used to do 过去经常做 too to 太 而不能 on one s way to 在某人去 的路上 enjoy doing 喜欢做 thank sb for doing sth 因为 而感 谢某人 see doing 看到 正在做 have fun doing 享受做 的乐趣 do with 处理 安排 try to do 尽力做 be full of 充满了 go through 通过 get out of 从 中出来 send for 要求将 取来或送到 be going to do 将要做 way to do of doing 做 的方法 4 Usage of important words and phrases 1 thank sb for doing sth 因为 而 感谢某人 2 Thank you for your help 3 Thank you for helping me 2 proud adj 自豪的 It is fun and it makes me feel proud feel是系动词 经常构成feel adj 的 结构 I feel happy but he feels sad be proud of 为 感到骄傲 自豪 I am proud of my students 3 garden n v 花园 果园 There are many beautiful flowers in the garden gardening n My hobby is gardening shop shopping swim swimming 4 be going to do sth 将要做 I am going to visit the Great Wall next week 5 collect v 收集 I am going to bring my stamp collection Did you know that he collects stamps too collect stamps stamp collecting 6 send for sth sb 要求送到 派人 去请 My little brother is ill We must send for a doctor as soon as possible 7 alone adj adv 独自 的 Sometimes I m glad to be alone alone 做adj 是单单独的 独自一个人 lonely adj 做是 孤独的 孤单单 寂 寞的 He s always alone but he never feels lonely 8 do with 处理 对待 What do you do with him What will you do with my books 9 try to do sth 尽力做 We must try to learn English well try one s best to do sth 尽某人最大 努力做 10 join v 加入 某个组织 团体 This year I joined a rocket club in my city join become a member of He has joined the League Party take part in 参加 体育 活动 What sport did you take part in 11 either or 或者 或者 表示在两个中选择一个 可以连 接两个并列成分 You can eat either apples or oranges He is either in the classroom or in the library 当连接两个并列主语时 谓语采用就近原则 Either you or I am right Either he or you are right 12 be full of 充满了 The room is full of books The bottle is full of water 13 go through 穿过 He is too fat he can t go through the door 14 get take out of 从 中出来 The old man got took two yuan out of his pocket get out of the room 15 We are going to have fun speaking English have fun doing享受做 的乐趣 我们会感到说英语是很有趣的 You can have fun swimming 5 Difficult sentences 1 This is a photo shop photo名词做定语 一般用单数 a photo shop two photo shops flower shoe shop woman man 修饰名词 要随所修饰的 名词单复数发生变化 a man woman doctor two men women doctors 2 Do you have something I can use 句中使用了something 未使用 anything 表 示说话者希望有自己想要的东西 希望得到肯定回 答 Can I borrow some money from you I can use 在句中是定语从句 修饰something 省略了关系代词 that She will tell you something that you want to know 3 How much do you want how much 用来提示不可数名词的 量 如果就可数名词来提问则用how many How many students are there in your class how many n 复数 4 I will take two rolls of film please take 在句中译为 买 而不是 拿走 film 不可数名词 也可以做可数名词使用 译 为 胶卷 He put a new film in his camera 它还有另外一个意思 即 电影 可数名词 相 当于movie Titanic is a good film movie 5 I need to show them my hobby need在句中做实意动词 意思是 需要 常 用need to do sth 结构 You need to do it again 6 Mary Green will show you the best way to grow all kinds of plants way to do 做 的方法也可以说成 way of doing Tell me the way to grow roses kind 种类 常用短语有 a kind of 一种 many kinds of 许多种类的 all kinds of 各种各样的 There are all kinds of flowers in the garden 7 Mary Green has written many popular books on gardening on 关于 相当于 about This is a report on weather He has a book about Bill Gates 8 Roses smells so wonderful smell用做系动词后面要跟adj 构成系 表结构 The soup smells very good 常见的系动词 除了be以外还有sound feel turn等 I feel very proud of my students 9 You just have to choose the right kinds of roses for your garden just adv 意思是 仅仅 就 正是 He is the just person that I am looking for 10 I have been launching rockets for two years have been doing 是现在完成进行时 表示动作从过去延续到现在 一直在 进行中 I have been learning English for 8 years 到现在还在学 11 Today all of the students are showing their hobbies to the class all of the students 所有学生 谓语用复数 some of the students 一些学生 谓语用复数 one of the students 这些学生的一个 谓语 用单数 One of the students in this class comes from America 12 Finally it s Danny s turn It s one s turn to do sth 轮到某人做某事了 It s my turn to show the hobby It s Tom s turn to clean the blackboard 13 Please send the stamp back to me for my collection send v 寄送 sent sent send back 寄回来 send to 把 寄给 send for 邮寄 派人去请 I sent a present to him but he sent it back to me His mother was ill he had to send for the doctor 14 Everyone brought his or her favorite hobby to school bring sth sb to 把 带到 Don t forget to bring your homework to school 15 Our teacher says that gardening is enjoyable and easy to learn that 是宾语从句 要用陈述语序 I don t know where he is 16 Everyone can take part in gardening 不定代词everyone everybody等做主语 谓 语动词要用单数 Everyone is here now 17 Jenny and I joined the club So did most our classmates so 指上文提到的内容下文也一样 翻译成 也 I walk to school so does Tom 6 Grammar V ing v ing 构成 1 一般直接加ing work working 2 以不发音的e为结尾的去掉e加ing skate skating 3 以重读闭音节为结尾的 双写最后一个字母 再加ing shop shopping swim swimming v ing 用法 1 与be构成进行时态 做谓语 The children are flying kites in the park It was raining all day yesterday 2 与其他动词构成短语 在句子中做主语 宾语 表语 定语 宾语补足语等 Watching TV too much is bad for your eyes 主语 I like playing football very much 宾语 His hobby is collecting stamps 表语 China is a developing country 定语 I saw them walking across the street 宾语补足语 7 Exercises 1 Sometimes I want to play with my friends and sometimes I want to be A alone B afraid C awake D asleep 讲解 alone adj 做表语 意为 单独的 1 有时候我想和朋友们一起玩 也有些 时候我想一个人独处 A 2 One of the tallest buildings the People s Hospital A is B are C was D were 讲解 one of 意为 中的一个 谓 语用单数 A 3 Look can you see some boys on the playground A play B played C played D playing 讲解 see sb doing看到 正在做 v ing是宾语补足语 4 This sweater is wool A made of B make C make of D making of 讲解 be made of 由 制成 A 5 She likes to help others but she to trouble others A hate B hated C hates D hating 讲解 hate to do 讨厌做 C 6 How long can I this book Two weeks A keep B kept C borrow D to keep 讲解 borrow 是非延续性动词 keep 动作可以延续 又因为can为情态 动词 其后面只能跟动词原形 A 7 You d better TV every day A don t watch B not to watch C not watching D not watch 讲解 had better not do sth 最好还是 不 做 D 8 I think working on the farm is better than classes A having B to have C have D has 讲解 than表示两者比较 所以两者 形式应该相同 A 9 It s time lunch A having B to have C have D has 讲解 It s time for sb to do sth 该是 某人 做 的时间了 B 10 Look Tom on the bus A getting B get C to get D is getting 讲解 be v ing 构成进行时态 意思 是正在做 D 11 He needs the photos on the wall A to put B put C putting D putting 讲解 sb need to do sth 某人需要做 A 12 Do you enjoy novels 小说 A reading B to read C read D readding 讲解 enjoy doing 喜欢做 doing在 短语中做宾语 A 13 Mary is a good gardener She has for every gardener A a lot of advices B some good advice C many good advices D many good advice 讲解 advice是不可数名词 意思为 建议 忠告 a pieces of advice two pieces of advice some advice B 14 Either he or I right A is B are C am D were 讲解 either or 或者 或者 连 接并列主语时 谓语采用就近原则 C 15 Do you have I can use A something B everything C nothing A much thing 讲解 something 某些东西 表示 想得到肯定回答 A



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