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重庆大学2020年秋季学期课程作业大学英语 重庆大学2020年秋季学期课程作业 重庆大学2020年 学期课程作业 学期课程作业大学英语2 2020 年 季学期课程作业大学英语 学期课程作业大学英语
一、单项选择题 (共 35 题、共 70 分)1.The telephone ( ) connect you to the absent.A、used toB、using toC、are usedD、are used to2.The park was filled with people ( ) on their cell phones.A、to talkB、talkedC、talkD、talking3.The retired couple ( )a rich and colorful life.A、leadB、holdC、makeD、have4.Xiao Li proposed we postpone the journey to next month and everybody disagree ____ him.A、toB、withC、onD、at5.Something unexpected happened ( ) our way to the seaside.A、inB、onC、byD、at6.I ( ) by the teacher at the meeting next week.A、am praisedB、have been praisedC、shall praisedD、shall be praised7.I ( ) see the excellent performance yesterday.A、was luck toB、was fortunate toC、was luckyD、was fortunately8.He used to feel confident ( ) language ability.A、in the term ofB、in terms ofC、in term ofD、in a term of9.( ) you are in the world, when you walk in to our hotel we want you to have best lodging experience possible.A、WhoeverB、WhateverC、WheneverD、Wherever10.It has _____ to change your life with sound decision.A、potentialB、possibleC、probableD、continental11.The medicine is on sale everywhere. You can get it at ( ) chemists.A、eachB、someC、certainD、any12.Never before had I speak out my mind in public, so when someone asked to sing a song at the party, I felt too ( ) to do so.A、embarrassedB、unfortunateC、unwillingD、pleasant13.Too much work and no time for rest is a ( ) on him both physically and mentally.A、depositB、burdenC、coverD、revolution14.( ) the bad weather, the football match had to be put off.A、Because ofB、BecauseC、In caseD、On occasion15.To show politeness, we usually greet an American ( ) his or her last name.A、InB、withC、toD、by16.This is the house _____ windows were broken.A、whoseB、whichC、itsD、of which17.His music has _____ millions of people around the worldA、touchedB、reachedC、contactedD、met18.The experienced lecturer started his speech _____ a series of questions.A、withB、inC、atD、upon19.I saw him at ( ), not at ( ).A、my uncle...the BlacksB、my uncle’s...the BlacksC、my uncle’s...the Blacks’D、my uncle...the Blacks’20.Not only was he good at English ( ) at mathematics.A、soB、asC、but alsoD、and also21.The servants ____ the silver before the guests arrived.A、paintedB、groundC、polishedD、sharpened22.The mother regretted ____ her little daughter, for she found that it was her son who broke the vase.A、to blameB、to have blamedC、blamingD、having blamed23.Go in quietly ____ wake the baby.A、as not toB、so as not toC、as to notD、so as to not24.If I couldnt get a scholarship, I might get a job ____ to graduate school next semester.A、instead goB、instead goingC、instead to goD、instead of going25.I have no cash in my pocket; I have to ( ) some money from the bank.A、WithdrawB、takeC、bringD、fetch26.It is time you ____ your examination papers.A、should hand inB、will hand inC、hand inD、handed in27.While working, we should ____ to others.A、stop to talkB、not stop to talkC、stop and talkD、not stop talking28.____ for your foolish act, we wouldnt have been suspected by the enemy.A、If it was notB、If it is notC、It had not beenD、Had it not been29.Evidence came up ____ specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as 6 months.A、whatB、whichC、thatD、whose30.The travels of Marco Polo in the twelfth century would not have been so well known ____ for the book he Wrote while in jail.A、it not have beenB、is not beenC、had it not beenD、has not been31.Without the instructions on the book, they ____.A、cannot understand moreB、dont understand moreC、must not understand moreD、could not have understood more32.Areas ____ of the city are covered with snow.A、in northB、to northC、at northD、north33.At the edge of the land lies the ocean, ____ the earth is covered with water.A、whereB、whichC、thatD、when34.When the visiting scholar entered the hall he was greeted ____ cheers by the students.A、withB、inC、onD、for35.____ efforts by himself and his helpers some sparks had been blown on to the warehouse roofs.A、In spite ofB、AlthoughC、ThoughD、No matter 二、阅读理解单项选择题 (共 5 题、共 30 分)1.Most Americans find the idea of arranged marriages difficult to understand or accept. They believe that two people should marry for love, after a period of dating or courtship. During that period, the prospective marriage partners are supposed to learn enough about each other to decide whether or not they will be able to build a successful marriage. Today in America, it is common for people to live together as a way of preparing for marriage. The idea of an arranged marriage seems very old-fashioned indeed.But arent all marriages arranged in one way or another? In the United States marriages are seldom formally arranged, but quite a lot of informal arranging goes on before two people become husband and wife. People who get married are introduced to each other by friends. These friends have already decided that the two people are right for each other and arrange for them to meet. In the United States this kind of arrangement is very common. Because friends have such great influence, their approval of a dating partner is very important.Families also exert open and subtle pressures on their children to influence their choices of marriage partners. Parents often arrange dates for their own children. One parent often tells a friend about her beautiful daughter or handsome son. Also, parents can meet the perfect marriage prospect for their son or daughter through business relationships. Since parents often assist their children financially, they feel that they have the right to help the bride and groom select where they will live, what type of furniture they will purchase, and what their life-style will be like.1).Which of the following is NOT true?____A、Parents often try to influence their childrens marriages.B、Open arranged marriages are unusual in the U.S.C、Friends sometimes play some role in getting two people together who may get married later.D、Parents never care much about their childrens marriages.2).According to this passage, the prospective marriage partners ____.A、often write to each otherB、often attend formal parties togetherC、often meet each otherD、often discuss problems together3).Which of the flowing is TRUE according to this passage?____A、Marriages are usually arranged by parents in America.B、No arranging goes on before two people get married.C、Only one formal arrangement takes place before two people get married.D、There are usually a lot of informal arrangements before two people get married.4).Most Americans think that arranged marriages are ____.A、understandableB、acceptableC、unavoidableD、old fashioned5).Which of the following can be inferred from the last paragraph?____A、Social class has much influence on marriages.B、Nationality has much influence on marriages.C、Knowledge has much influence on marriages.D、Age has much influence on marriages.2.Acting is such an over-crowded profession that the only advice that should be given to a young person thinking of going on the stage is "Dont!" But it is useless to try to discourage someone who feels that he must act, although the chances of his becoming famous are small. The normal way to begin is to go to a drama school. Usually only students who show promise and talent are accepted, and the course lasts two years. Then the young actor or actress takes up work with a repertory company, usually as an assistant stage manager. This means doing everything that there is to do in the theatre: painting scenery, looking after the furniture, publicity, taking care of the costumes, and even acting in very small parts. It is very hard work indeed, the hours are long and the salary is tiny. But young actors with the stage in their blood are happy, waiting for the chance of work with a better company, or perhaps in films or television.Of course, some people have remarkable chances which lead to fame and success without this long and tedious training. Connie Pratt, for example, was just an ordinary girl working in a bicycle factory. A film producer happened to catch sight of her one morning waiting at a bus stop, as he drove past in his big car. He told the chauffeur to stop, and he got out to speak to the girl. He asked her if she would like to go to the film studio to do a test, and at first she thought he was joking. Then she got angry and said she would call the police. It took t he producer twenty minutes to convince Connie that he was serious. Then an appointment was made for her to go to the studio the next day. The test was successful. They gave her elocution lessons and within a few weeks she was playing the leading part opposite one of the most famous actors of the day. Of course, she was given a more dramatic name, which is now world-famous. But chances like this happen once in a blue moon!1)."Then she got angry and said she would call the police". This sentence shows that ____.A、She totally disbelieved the proposalB、The man acted with an ill purposeC、The man forced her into his big carD、She was a nervous woman2).Why is an assistant stage managers job difficult?____A、Because he has to do everything.B、Because he has to work long hours every day.C、Because he will not be happy.D、Because he has to wait for another chance.3).Usually only students who ____are accepted.A、have received good educationB、are hard-workingC、are talented and promisingD、are good-mannered4).The reason why young people should be discouraged from becoming actors is that ____.A、actors are very determined peopleB、the course at the drama school lasts two yearsC、acting is very hard workD、there are already too many actors5).The phrase "once in a blue moon" refers to ____.A、once in a full moonB、once for a whileC、once for a long timeD、once and for all3.One silly question I simply cant stand is "How do you feel?". Usually the question is asked of a man in action --- a man on the go, walking along the street, or busily working at his desk. So what do you expect him to say? Hell probably say, "Fine, Im all right," but "youve put a bug in his ear" -- maybe now hes not sure. If you are a good friend, you may have seen something in his face, or his walk, that he overlooked that morning. It starts him worrying a little. First thing you know, he looks in a mirror to see if everything is all right, while you go merrily on your way asking someone else, "How do you feel?"Every question has its time and place. Its perfectly acceptable, for instance, to ask "How do you feel?" if youre visiting a close friend in the hospital, But if the fellow is walking on both legs, hurrying to make a train, or sitting at his desk working, its no time to ask him that silly question.When George Bernard Shaw, the famous writer of plays was in his eighties, someone asked him "How do you feel?" Shaw put him in his place. "When you reach my age," he said, "either you feel all right or youre dead."1).George Bernard Shaws reply in the passage shows his ____.A、cheerfulnessB、clevernessC、abilityD、politeness2).The question "How do you feel?" seems to be correct and suitable when asked of ____.A、a man working at his deskB、a person having lost a close friendC、a stranger who looks somewhat worriedD、a friend who is ill3).The writer seems to feel that a busy man should ____.A、be praised for his effortsB、never be asked any questionC、not be botheredD、be discouraged from working so hard4).According to the writer, greetings, such as "How do you feel?" ____.A、show ones consideration for othersB、are a good way to make friendsC、are proper to ask a man in actionD、generally make one feel uneasy5).“Youve put a bug in his ear ”means that youve ____.A、made him laughB、shown concern for himC、made fun of himD、given him some kind of warning4.Reading time: 7 1/2 minutesLearning to Keep Your Cool During TestsHave you ever felt so anxious during an examination that you couldnt even put down the answers you knew? If so, you were suffering from what is known as test anxiety.According to psychologist Ralph Trimble, test anxiety is a very real problem for many people. When youre worried over your performance on an exam, your heart beats faster and your pulse speeds up. These reactions start others: You may sweat more than normal or suffer from a stomachache or headache. Your field of vision narrows and becomes tunnel-like. Before you know it, youre having difficulty focusing."What I hear students say over and over again," says Dr. Trimble, who is working at the Psychological and Counseling Center at the University of Illinois, "is, My mind went blank."For a number of years, Dr. Trimble helped many students learn how to perform better during exams and to bring up their grades. Some of these students were interested in sharing what they learned and, with Trimbles help, began holding workshops on overcoming test anxiety. For many students, just being in a workshop with other sufferers made them feel better. They realized that they were not the only ones who had done poorly on tests because of tension.The workshops were so successful that they are still given.In the workshops, students are taught that anxiety is normal. You just have to prevent it from getting the best of you. The first step is to learn to relax. If before or during an examination you start to panic, stretch as hard as you can, tensing the muscles in your arms and legs;



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